Knowing the Meaning of Area Of Effect (AOE) Free Fire (FF) According to Kabargokil

You can get to know the meaning of the Free Fire (FF) Area of ​​Effect, so that later they can find out how to play an easier game without being difficult. Especially for now, maybe if you already know the meaning of an area of ​​effect, it might be easier when competing.

There are still many interesting things that we can find in this Free Fire game now, maybe you won’t want to miss them all. Because there are still some terms or parts of the course of an Event, for you to finish in the game too.

Then for the presence of a Booyah Merdeka Free Fire (FF) Event, one of the most special parts for players to be able to complete as well. Because indeed at this event there are many prizes, even new items can support you to play better.

Just like understanding or knowing the meaning of the Free Fire (FF) Area of ​​Effect, maybe it will be better in the future.

Know the Meaning of Area Of Effect Free Fire (FF)

It can be said that this Area of ​​Effect is an attack, but not only 1 target will experience it. But the Area of ​​effect will affect the enemy in a wide range, maybe you guys are easier to beat the enemy if you know this.

Because the introduction of the Meaning of the Area of ​​Effect itself, maybe it can make other players have difficulty when defeating a team that uses this term. In this Free Fire game, Area of ​​Effect also has a wide range, but some do damage and some don’t.

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Because the impact you cause from the Area of ​​Effect itself, is indeed very strong and may be able to make the enemy run away. Not only the Damage part that we think of as this, but from a Buff or an item that shows the position of all of them.

This Area of ​​Effect will give good or bad effects to friends and enemies, you may also receive it when using character skills. There are several weapons that can give this effect, but for this type it is more in the Damage section.

Applying How to play with weapons or Item Area of ​​Damage, of course, provides a plus for all of you. Using weapons and items that have a wide impact, can help you to win immediately.

Just pay attention to the movement of enemies who are approaching or moving away, because the biggest weakness of the Area of ​​Effect item is if you are close. But if what appears on the item immediately issues a sign, it doesn’t matter because there is no counter at all.

Even if you know All Types of Free Fire Zones now, then you already know the first Area of ​​Effect. The thing is that you can make a map that has a big effect, even the effects you get from this AoE are quite profitable.

It’s just that you also have to be careful and not rash, because the enemy might beat you later using this term. Just use the Effect you have to use, so that winning is easier.

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What do you think about this Area of ​​Effect? what is one of the best parts we can use when competing? It might look ordinary, but being able to wear it might be very dangerous.

After getting to know the meaning of the Free Fire (FF) Area of ​​Effect (FF), you will probably know more and know the meaning of each meaning that appears right now. This is one of the interesting things, it can even help you not to miss the opportunity to win.

Also understand some things from what is called Quick Scoping Free Fire, one of the playing techniques to aim at shooting directly. One thing that can give large damage continuously, especially if you use a sniper weapon.

You can get stronger, if you manage to take advantage of various types or events of interesting terms in the Free Fire game.

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