Kings Get FFML Season IV Division 1 Opening Booyah

An excellent game from Kings Esports that got its first Booyah for the day. Their very clever play and taking advantage of excellent positioning can benefit their players.

Duel with GPX, Kings who come to do pincher from outside the zone, of course, is a very good thing. For the Kings who got Booyah for the first match, this was very good for their momentum.

Other teams such as Aura, DG, and GPX also look very strong. Maybe this is the right moment for Aura to make a comeback or indeed they will feel at home down. But a good Kings game in the beginning could be a good thing in the future.

The Kings wearing their new jersey might be a good luck charm for them. But luck is not everything and Kings do have very high and good skills. Their precise and accurate play proves it.

The Kings’ very precise rotation and timing can get a very good zone. Smart Kings also take advantage of the number of their players who always dominate the fight and even trouble the opposing team.

Excellent zones and solid execution from Kings were the main keys for them to close the first game with Booyah. There are still many other games and other teams must start to heat up in the future.

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