Kimmy Mobile Legends Got Buff OP, Have You Tried It Yet?

Did you know that Kimmy Mobile Legends was hit by a buff from Moonton, is that buff very OP? Does this hero continue to use auto?

After the Mobile Legends update came yesterday (August 24, 2021), Kimmy became one of the heroes who reappeared in the game meta.

The reason is because Moonton gives a revamp (though a buff) which is quite OP on this one marksman/mage hero.

The damage is very high, very easy to play in this meta, even making it difficult for the opponent’s tank hero to ward off this one hero.

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Buff Kimmy

The buff that Kimmy gets is actually very simple, namely skill 1 she now has critical damage and the bullets released from her weapon are much faster than before.

In the patch itself, Moonton wrote this as a revamp even though it was clear that this was a buff that Moonton gave to this marksman/mage hero.

Besides that, Kimmy’s durability is also getting better because the lifesteal percentage of items also increases and basic attack now has an indicator.

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When Release?

All the changes to Kimmy that we said above were all officially patched yesterday, so now you can try this Buff Kimmy right away.

And feel the big changes to Kimmy Mobile Legends in this Moonton buff.

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