Katana Thrash Metallic FF, New Summer Spin Prize Leak!

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In Free Fire, the weapons themselves have various skins. Even so, did Buddy Booyah know that not all weapon skins will provide additional stats. One of the skins that doesn’t add stats is the melee weapon skin.

Among melee weapons, you could say the Katana is a popular melee weapon in Free Fire. For Buddy Booyah who is waiting for the new Katana Free Fire skin, there is an interesting news for you!

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Katana Thrash Metallic FF, one of the newest Katana in Free Fire, will soon be coming to the Summer Spin Free Fire event. Curious what the Summer spin event is like to get this Katana Thrash Metallic FF? Check out the explanation of Booyah News below!

Katana Thrash Metallic FF in Summer Spin Free Fire

Katana Thrash Metallic FF, is one of the newest Katana that will be coming to Free Fire. Through the Summer Spin event, Buddy Booyah can get a Katana Thrash Metallic FF from August 13 to 19.

Meanwhile, here are the conditions for the Summer Spin Free Fire event to get the Katana Thrash Metallic FF:

  1. The event will take place from August 13-19, 2021.
  2. Get a chance to win the jackpot, namely Katana Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter and 9,999 Diamonds by doing Spin.
  3. Diamond Price per Spin:
    -1x Normal Spin: 20 Diamonds
    10x Normal Spins: 180 Diamonds
    -1x Special Spin: 30 Diamonds (chance to get 3x the grand prize)
  4. The prizes you get will go directly to the Vault/Collection.
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Of course, Summer Spin provides an attractive offer for Buddy Booyah. Besides the chance to get a Katana Thrash Metallic FF, Buddy Booyah can also get 9,999 Diamonds if you’re lucky!

Katana Thrash Metallic FF itself has a quite different appearance from most Katana Free Fire skins. This can be seen from the color of the Katana which looks brighter but still looks cool.

How about according to Buddy Booyah himself, are you interested in getting a Katana Thrash Metallic FF in the Summer Spin Free Fire event which will be here starting tomorrow? If so, don’t miss it!

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