Jai Character Removed From Free Fire (FF), Really? – news

Let’s find out the Jai Character Removed From Free Fire (FF)? maybe this has become, one of the information that is quite interesting to know.

Of course, news like this will also make you know what will happen, into the Free Fire game in the future.

Because for now there are still some interesting events, in the Free Fire game because of the updates given in it.

With things like that, you also have to know, if there are still many new updates, even Characters will be coming soon.

Because yesterday we also know that Free Fire x Dimitris Vegas, will be the newest collaboration that is present in this game.

Where later there will be another new character, which will make you stronger when you use it.

However, there is news that Jai’s character was removed from Free Fire (FF)?, let’s just look at the information in the article below.

Jai Character Removed From Free Fire (FF)?

As we know that in the Free Fire game now, there are a lot of characters presented.

In fact, this has also reached 41 Character Updates in Free Fire, to be used by all of you so that you can win easily later.

Not only that, it turns out that the news says that later the Jai character will be removed by Garena from the Shop and will not be sold anymore.

This is one piece of information that is quite interesting, because all we know is that it is impossible to delete a character.

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But now Jai will be deleted by Garena, where you won’t be able to buy it again in the Shop.

Automatically when the player doesn’t have Jai, they won’t be able to get it anymore because of that too.

Jai’s deletion is not yet known why this happened, but from an external server, Jai will be deleted at the end of July 2021.

He is no longer in the Feature Shop, whether it’s a Character, Bundle and also a Loot Crate weapon that is owned by Jai.

Of course, this kind of deletion is quite confusing, because at this time we only know that Jai is rarely used.

Whereas yesterday Jai’s character got the latest buff, where many immediately used it and was present in the character’s Meta List.

Kabargokil also doesn’t know whether Jai’s deletion is only released from one server or later all servers will be affected.

Because we really have to be able to use other characters, so we can win quite easily.

In this information, if you still have the Jai character, you can continue to use it even though it has disappeared in the Shop.

That way this character will officially become quite rare, when it has been deleted in the Free Fire Shop.

We’re just waiting for information directly from Free Fire, because if it’s only 1 server, it means that Indonesia can still buy Jai characters.

If it’s like this, it can definitely make the game flow even less, yes, because the characters are reduced and deleted because of this uncertain thing.

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Even though Jai is a character taken from a famous figure in Free Fire, to be present in this Free Fire game now.

How? Would you like to have these characters for later use? Definitely just try it so he can be bought.

After knowing that Jai’s character was removed from Free Fire (FF), then those of us who don’t know can finally know something like this.

That’s why many ask and are confused, why did Jai finally get deleted from the Free Fire game.

Not only that, for the Farewell Jai Free Fire Event, there will be a global version that you have to follow later.

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