Is this the cause of the M82B’s disappearance at the FF Training Ground?

Hi Buddy Booyah!

In Free Fire Buddy Booyah can use various weapons to be used in getting Booyah. With the various types available, Buddy Booyah can adapt it to the type of game you have.

In addition, at Free Fire, there is also a training ground available to train how to accurately shoot Buddy Booyah with the desired weapon, namely the Training Ground.

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Even so, it seems that some players have noticed recently that something is slightly different from the Training Ground which if at this time Buddy Booyah checks, there will be no more M82B weapons that can be used. Is Buddy Booyah the one who realizes it?

Missing M82B FF from Free Fire Training Ground

If Buddy Booyah is currently visiting the Training Ground and wants to try practicing shooting using the M82B weapon, what Buddy Booyah gets is zero results, there is no such weapon on the list.

Many stated that the disappearance of the M82B weapon had been going on since July 3, 2021 yesterday. So what happened and made the M82B weapon disappear from the Training Ground?

If you withdraw the statement reported from the Free Fire Mania website, hThe loss of the M82B weapon from the FF Training Ground is due to the bugs or problems that cause weapons to be temporarily removed.

Even so, it is still taken from the same source stating that M82B will not be permanently removed from Free Fire. After the problems experienced by the M82B weapon are completed, the weapon will be able to be played again by players.

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