IOG Wins Second Booyah FFML Season IV Division 1 – Match Day 5

The battle between IOG, GPX, and Bonafide is a very exciting match. The three teams tried to win Booyah with 2 players each remaining for the three teams. But IOG ended up victorious after finishing off GPX.

IOG played very strong in this second match. They managed to give a very good performance. Not only that, even though RRQ is not in the top 3, they have made a big harvest from kills at the beginning of the game.

This second booyah makes IOG more confident it should be. There are still several matches to come and of course there are still many teams who are hungry for points from kill, rank, or Booyah that they can achieve later.

RANS also stole a lot of people’s attention when Rama using Scythe managed to slash his opponent. A lot of exciting things happened today and for those who didn’t have time to watch it, it’s a shame to miss this fun.

IOG who played brilliantly, of course, was a profitable thing for them. IOG need a very good push to chase points in the standings. Today might be the right moment for IOG to give its best.

There are still many matches waiting and there are still many points provided. All teams must compete for points and must be the best. Currently it is difficult to predict which team is very strong and superior.

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