IOG Esports Solid Wins Booyah 3 FFML Season IV Division 1 – Match Day 3

Fewer teams in the late game might make players cautious. Not for IOG because they played very aggressively and wiped out all the opposing teams.

IOG immediately harvested a lot of points with their aggressive game. IOG won a lot of kill points and closed the match with Booyah.

This is very profitable for IOG because in one game it can achieve a lot of sweet things. By playing this aggro, of course, IOG can jump in the standings.

Initially IOG had a very good position on the high ground. With HG maybe other teams will play it safe but not with this one team.

IOG knows that they have won a lot with other teams making IOG play very aggressively. With this they can harvest a lot of points in one match.

With the IOG game that looks very aggressive in the late game, maybe other teams need the answer. Surprises like this are dangerous.

If another team falls into the same game, maybe IOG’s style of play is the most effective. Play it safe until the late game then sweep everything up quickly.

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