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Well, if you know the Indonesian Flag Code FF then you can install the flag right now. Free fire players this time can put a red and white flag in it.

The Indonesian flag code is one of the codes in the free fire game that allows you to bring up the FF nickname in the form of the Indonesian flag. How to use it is also quite easy, you only need to edit it using some code.

You can also use other flag colors which we will find out more about later. However, here we will discuss how to create a Red Flag on Free Fire that you have.

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The following is the Indonesian FF Flag Code that you can know and try. We will tell you about the Indonesian flag code that you can try, when you install it on your Free Fire Profile.

Indonesia Flag Code FF

Cr7 free fire

To use the Indonesian Flag Code FF, you can try using the code below. By using the code below, you can display the Indonesian flag on FF.

The following is the Indonesian Free Fire (FF) Flag Code:

  • [b][i] [FF0000]️ [FFFFFF]️

You can use this code to make the Indonesian FF Flag. To display it actually you only use these 2 codes

  • [b][i] [FF0000] [FFFFFF]

The two codes will make the text you create change color according to the existing code. For the code you can use the Hex Color code. The code will help you in changing the color.

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If you want to make the Indonesian Free Fire (FF) Flag Code Red, you can use [FF0000]. For the white color you can use [FF0000]. So, you can change the color according to the color you want by using Hex Color.

Maybe some of you are confused about the meaning of the part. The logo or image will make a box section or make a rectangle when you finish. So, you can make the text used change color if you change it.

Can I Use Other Colors?

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You can also use other colors, if you understand how to use Hex Color. You just have to replace the existing code with the color code you want.

However, if you want to make it red and white, you can use the Indonesian Flag Code Free Fire (FF) [b][i] [FF0000] [FFFFFF]. You can fill in the blanks to turn red, and the next section to turn white.

In addition to making flags, you can also change the color of the text you want to make. For example, if you want to make the word I Love Indonesia red and white, you just need to change the box. Also Read: FF 2021 Valentine’s Event, the Latest Free Fire Special Bundle!

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Those are tips about the Indonesian flag code FF that you can try. This way, you will know the Indonesian Flag Code for you to install on Free Fire. So, players know that you are a player from Indonesia.

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