Improve AR Weapon Performance, Choose Double Magazine Or AR Magazine FF?

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AR Magazine became one of the new attachments that was present in the last August FF Patch Update. From the name, Buddy Booyah already knows that this attachment is specifically for filling AR weapon ammunition slots in Free Fire.

However, AR Magazine isn’t the only special attachment that affects ammo. Long before, Free Fire had released attachments Double Magazine which can be attached to all weapons with Magazine slots, including AR weapons.

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Players are faced with two options for improving the performance of AR weapons from the Magazine section. Therefore, Berita Booyah would like to provide a discussion on the effectiveness of the two attachments. Just take a look at the following reviews!

AR Magazine

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This new attachment has the advantage that lies in the addition Fire Rate for fire from AR guns. When used, AR Magazine provides an instant increase in Fire Rate.

However, this attachment has its drawbacks. The use of AR Magazine makes players have to give up a fairly large reduction in the amount of bullet capacity. AR Magazine is only able to accommodate as many bullets as

Double Magazine

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Although named “Double” which means “double” or “double”, Double Magazine does not combine the two magazines and makes the number of bullets very large. The ability of this attachment is to increase Reload Speed tall one.

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However, the effect of enhancing Reload Speed from Double Magazine only applies when the bullet is completely exhausted. If the player reloads while the bullet is still remaining, then there is no increase Reload Speed. For capacity, Double Magazine contains as many as bullets.

For AR Weapons, Which to Use?

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Both of these special Magazine attachments have their advantages and disadvantages. Providing an increase in Fire Rate, AR Magazine is quite superior. However, the small number of bullets will make it difficult for players to reload in the middle of a battle, which makes attacks difficult.

The use of Double Magazine which provides a high Reload Speed ​​increase increases the attack time of AR weapons designed specifically for long-range combat. Therefore, the choice of its use falls into the hands of each Buddy Booyah.

If you care about improvement Fire Rate, then AR Magazine is the right choice. However, you must have aim which is good, in order to immediately drop the enemy even with a few bullets.

If magazine capacity and Reload Speed ​​for long-range combat are a concern, then Double Magazine will answer Buddy Booyah’s needs.

That’s a little discussion about AR Magazine and Double Magazine. Between the two, which one do Buddy Booyah use the most when playing Free Fire (FF)!

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