Imperial Malikah Free Fire, New Bundle Leak in FF Token!

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Exactly today, August 4, 2021, Free Fire will receive an update. Updates on Free Fire, which have become a mandatory agenda that you can’t miss every time, Buddy Booyah.

In the big update, it’s not only the various in-game updates that are interesting to follow. The presence of the new FF Token bundle is no less a concern for Free Fire players.

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Then, what new bundle will be present in FF Token after the FF August Update takes place today? Check out this article to find out more about the latest leaked FF Token bundle!

Imperial Malikah FF Token Free Fire Bundle

Imperial Malikah will be the newest bundle that Buddy Booyah can get at the latest FF Token exchange starting on August 4, 2021, more precisely after the Free Fire maintenance is over.

Imperial Malikah is a bundle used for female characters. In this Imperial Malikah FF bundle, it has a purple-white color consisting of a bundle that is divided into four parts.

Meanwhile, to be able to collect all parts of the Imperial Malikah bundle, you need the FF Token below.

  • 50 FF Tokens: Imperial Malikah – Head
  • 50 FF Tokens: Imperial Malikah – Top
  • 50 FF Tokens: Imperial Malika – Bottom
  • 50 FF Tokens: Imperial Malikah – Shoes

This means, in total Buddy Booyah needs 200 FF Tokens to be able to get the entire Imperial Malikah Free Fire bundle. Is Buddy Booyah interested in getting it?

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