I often get bored, this is the right and correct way to counter Eudora!

I often get bored, this is the right and correct way to counter Eudora!

Eudora has recently become one of the top picks that are often used in the Legends-Mythic tier rank in Mobile Legends.

The reason is, through a combo that is used properly this hero can even immediately give instant kills to his opponent when he reaches Level 4.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many players find it difficult to overcome the combos used by the hero.

This time, SPIN Esports will share insights on the right way to overcome Eudora in the Land of Dawn.

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Eudora tires

One of the easiest ways is to ban the hero. If you play ranked mode in the epic-mythic tier then you will easily do that.

By banning Eudora, you don’t have to worry about thinking about the right way to fight Eudora.

However, you also have to be prepared that there will be other OP heroes that your opponent can use when Eudora is banned.

Using Items

If you don’t want to ban Eudora, you can overcome the electric hero by using the items available in Mobile Legends.

By using Rose Gold Meteor, you will get a Shield when your HP is below 30%, automatically you will not be easily killed by Eudora.

In addition, using Athena Shield can also be the best option because it will give you an additional 62 for magic defense and the passive will give you a 25% reduction in magic damage.

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Quuen’s Wings is also the last item you can use to counter Eudora’s painful damage. With a passive that can reduce damage by 20% when your HP is below 40%, of course you can equip Athena Shield and Rose Gold Meteor items to overcome Eudora.

Use Anti Eudora Hero

Revamp argus mobile legends

Besides being able to try the two suggestions above, you can also easily counter the hero with other heroes who are considered anti-Eudora.

For the first one there is Argus, with his ulti he is able to absorb the damage given by Eudora and will convert it into HP.

In addition, Benedetta is also able to become one of the heroes who can counter Eudora with her dash skill and Alecto: Final Blow who can easily leave the battle area.

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