Hungry Shark World – Explore the Vast Ocean with Hungry Fish

Everyone will be afraid if they meet a big fish like a shark who is hungry and wants to eat everything, including humans. Of course it is the most tense moment ever, unless we ourselves become a shark who will prey on the creatures. There is one game that can make players become a very hungry shark and this game has just been published worldwide in 2021. This game actually has a previous version and already has the same rating that is quite large with the current version. If users have heard of the Hungry Shark Evolution game, it is the game that I will share this time, only in the latest series.

The game that I will share still has the same characteristics, it’s just that it has a different name on the back Hungry Shark World. This game made by Future Games of London is now published by Ubisoft and has a much larger size than the evolution series. If in the past it only had a size not reaching 100Mb, but in this latest series it has a size above 300Mb and of course the game is a little different and the addition of better graphics. This is one game that makes small children to adults addicted to playing it continuously to get points.

All the user needs to do is control the shark to eat every creature that exists, it can be fish or humans. Every life in this game depends on how many creatures eat, so if the shark continues to eat, then the life it has will last a long time. Each fish has its own characteristics and can be upgraded to increase speed, add super (boost), and lives. There is still a boost feature that is used by fish to be able to go fast when they want to eat prey or go to the mainland. Although the fish on land can still move and eat, the risk involved is being shot by a police guard.

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The more humans are eaten, then many types of police who want to catch the fish into the sea. The sea is very wide and the user can go anywhere they want, and never make a fish touch a bomb. There are several kinds of bombs, sometimes small, medium, to the largest that can kill the fish instantly. In the Hungry Shark World game, various new maps are also provided and to open them, you must follow the minimum level and prepare the points that have been set. Each fish can also be given some kind of accessories that give it its own power. The following is an overview of the Hungry Shark World game.

I can guarantee, everyone who plays this game will definitely be addicted and difficult to remove from the mind. Because this latest series has a much better atmosphere. And the core gameplay is still the same which requires fish to be able to stay alive by eating as much prey as possible. Fish can jump to eat birds, jump somewhere and into a private swimming pool where there are many people, and don’t forget to destroy a ship. It will take a very long time to open the last fish (the biggest one) and don’t forget to eat the fish that have purple light, because users can get bonus diamonds. To download please click on the banner below.


Hungry Shark World game requires Android version 4.0 up, has a size of approx. 345Mb including obb data. This game can be played offline, so you don’t need a connection when you want to play it. Each time you play you will be given 3 tasks (missions) that can be completed to get additional points, the three missions have different variations, so there are missions that are difficult, medium, to difficult. For the control part, users can move the fish on the left or right of the screen because it will be detected immediately, as well as the boost button. So for example, the user uses the left side to move the fish, the boost button is automatically on the right, and vice versa. Download now Hungry Shark World and explore the vast ocean with hungry big fish.

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