How to Win 24 Karat Gold or MT 25 Motorcycles Through PUBG Mobile

For those who want to join, here’s how to win 24 Karat Gold or MT 25 Motorcycle through the PUBG Mobile game! Read carefully how.

Currently in the PUBG Mobile game there is a fairly large event that PUBG Mobile has recently implemented into the game.

The event is called “Explore the Future” where players can get a 25 MT Motor or 24 Karat Gold at the event.

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Then how do you play at the event and how long will the event last because of course some of you just found out about this event.

Event Explore the Future PUBG Mobile

How to play in this event itself is very easy, even with just a few steps you can already take part in this explore the future event.

The following is a complete procedure for participating in this explore the future event:

  • The first step is to roll the dice at the explore the future event to play and you can already have a chance to get a 25 MT Motor or 24 Karat Gold.
  • The second step is to get dice by completing the missions provided by PUBG Mobile, you can also ask or give dice to your friends.
  • Then collect an item called Blue Pack and open it when it is fully charged.
  • If you are lucky, you will get the MT 25 and 24 Karat Gold Motorcycle.

This event itself will take place from August 17, 2021 and then until August 30, 2021.

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In collaboration with the most famous snack in Asia, TaokaenoiclubID, PUBG Mobile presents this event full of prizes.

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