How to Use Irithel Mobile Legends (ML)

This is how to use Irithel in Mobile Legends. Irithel is a marksman hero with high damage. This hero is perfect for team fights with large area attacks.

Playing Irithel does seem quite easy, like other marksman heroes, the key to playing this hero is just to keep KDA and play safe until waiting for the late game.

But the challenges don’t stop there. There will be many opposing heroes who are targeting Irithel’s hero to be defeated first. For that, information about how to use Irithel is mandatory for you to know.

So, here, we will provide a guide on how to use Irithel in Mobile Legends. You can read the following review in full, yes!

How to use Irithel Mobile Legends

Check out the following ways to use the best Irithel in Mobile Legends, starting from information on skills, emblems, builds, skill combos and the best gameplay.

First, Know Irithel’s Skills

Irithel Mobile Legends Best Build Items, Spells and Emblems, Pro MM Guide!

Here are some skill abilities from Irithel’s hero in Mobile Legends!

Passive Skill: Jungle Hear

Irithel will jump forward then fire three Heavy Crossbow Bolt attacks on each of his basic attacks.

Skill 1: Strafe

Irithel will fire a Round of Arrow then deal damage to opponents in the area and reduce the opponent’s Physical Defense ability.

Skill 2: Force of the Queen

Leo will scream loudly, then deal damage to opponents in the area and cause a slow effect on all his opponents.

Ultimate Skill: Heavy Crossbow

Irithel will control Leo, then jump forward, after that, every attack from a basic attack will deal amplified damage to the target and the opponent in front of him.

Irithel’s Best Emblems, Battle Spells and Build Items

After regarding the skill abilities of Irithel, then you can use several build items, emblems, to battle spells that you can use to improve Irithel’s abilities.


First for Emblems, you can use Custom Assassin Emblems with Talent Killing Spree. This talent has the ability to give 15 HP and 20% Movement Speed ​​when Irithel manages to defeat the enemy.

Then for the first pound, you can use it at 3x Agility, this attribute will give Irithel a faster movement speed, so he will get high mobility.

Finally, for the second point, you can get 3x to Invasion to increase Physical PEN, so it will be very easy to attack opponents, especially hero tanker heroes.

Battle Spell

  • Flicker
  • Inspire
  • Retribution

Playing sidelaner or gold laner, Irithel can use flicker or inspire, the flicker spell will increase the mobility of Irithel’s hero, so that he will be able to move quickly either attack or run away from the opponent.

Next, if you play jungler, you must use Retribution to provide easier abilities for farming.

Build Items

Next is the Irithel build item that we took from one of the top global heroes Irithel in Mobile Legends. You can use the following items.

Swift Boots

The first item you can use is Swift Boots, which is one item that will give you 40 Movement Speed ​​and then 15 Attack Speed.

This item is mandatory for marksman because Marksman is classified as requiring Attack Speed. Then you can choose a jungler that is customized for Irithel.


Next is Windtalker which is one of the items that will give explosive damage to the surroundings. This item will also provide additional movement speed.

As you know, Irithel really needs Movement Speed ​​so that he can move agile when used. With the help of Windtalker not only does damage, but provides additional mobility.

Berserker Fury

Berserker Fury is one of the important items for Irithel, this item will provide high Critical for Irithel, so that every attack from the ultimate will attack with great damage.

As you know, Irithel’s ultimate allows him to attack several attacks with great damage or you could say explode. The damage from the explosion area will hurt even more with the Berseker Fury item.

Scarlet Phantom

Next is Scarlet Phantom, Irithel as a marksman requires a high attack speed. Now with the Scarlet Phantom, you can get fast attacks and do more damage.

Not only that, Scarlet Phantom will also provide additional attack speed when the hero you are using provides additional critical. That way, Irithel will deal even faster damage.

Endless Battle

Endless Battle is an item that has complete attributes. This item will provide damage, skill effects with true damage, and mana regen and others.

Endless Battle is one of the most important items for Irithel because it is the main lifesteal. With this item Irithel will get enormous damage and be able to defeat his opponent quickly.

Blade of Despair

The last item that Irithel can use is the Blade of Despair, which is the item which has the highest ATK attribute from other items. Blade of Despair can be an important item that must be used.

With Blade of Despair, you will get 160 Physical ATK and 5 Movement Speed. Not only that, this item has a skill that can give a CC reduction effect during the late game.

Combo Irithel Mobile Legends

Next is the best combo of Irithel’s hero, as a marksman hero, Irithel tends to have attacks that are very dependent on basic attacks. This basic attack attack will deal high damage that can be combined with other skills.

The combos that you can use for Irithel are as follows:

Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Ultimate + Basic Attack

First you can use Skill 2 to give CC to the opponent, Leo will roar and give an opening attack so that it is difficult for the opponent to escape. Then followed by skill 1 which gives a strong attack on the opponent, this attack is in the form of several arrows that deal considerable damage.

Finally, use the ultimate to activate the Heavy Weapon which will give an attack with very high damage. This attack will make it difficult for the opponent to dodge, that Irithel can defeat the opponent’s hero with only two or three attacks.

Best Irithel Gameplay in Mobile Legends

The last one is about Irithel’s hero gameplay in Mobile Legends. Here are some gameplay or tips that you can follow when playing Irithel to get better at playing it.

Farming Tips

If you play Irithel as a jungler, you can use some of these farming tips easily. First, Irithel must use Retribution as a spell.

Then he must be accompanied by a support or tank, because in the early game Irithel cannot do farming alone. But make sure that the friend who helps Irithel uses the roam item.

How to Join Teamfight

Irithel is very superior in team fights, this one hero will give very high damage to the opponent. So Irithel can do great damage and must follow every war.

Make sure that when the teamfight starts, Irithel must attack after the tanker initiates. That way, Irithel can attack easily with little risk.

Try to always look at the position and also the opponent, don’t let you lose first because you are targeted by the opponent’s assassin. Be sure to maintain proper positioning and timing.

Tips as a Gold Laner

Besides jungler, playing using Irithel can be a gold laner. Gold Laner is a lane which will give a lot of gold, so you will quickly give items.

Now playing in gold laner is to make sure that you have to play it safe. For farming, you can defeat minions or hermit crabs, in addition, steal opposing monsters or defeat one monster near your lane.

Here, you have to use ordinary items, in the sense that you don’t use roam items, because the gold income will be less. On the other hand, Irithel can use roam items when it is close to the late game.

So that’s it for a review on how to play using the marksman hero Irithel in Mobile Legends. With some of the guides above, it will be easier for you to master it and play Irithel even better.

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