How to Update Mozilla Firefox Browser Version

Mozilla Firefox is a browser or browser that has many advantages, many internet users use this browser because some of its features are not available in other browsers. For example, there are special features for reading text to make it clearer and of course not to interfere with the appearance of the website itself. In addition, Firefox also does not use the chromium system and it seems that every user must install this browser for several reasons.

When compared to Chrome, Firefox also doesn’t want to lose, because this browser is also always updated so that users can get new features and also a convenience in itself compared to other browsers. I don’t know why Firefox feels so light even though it’s on task manager it seems that this browser uses a lot of space, and maybe that’s the strength of Firefox.

So have users been using the Mozilla Firefox browser today? Or already there but still using the old version? Then it’s time for users to update Mozilla Firefox version This makes it even better and of course more secure when browsing the internet. If users don’t know how to update this browser, don’t worry because here I will share how to do that. Here’s how to update the Mozilla Firefox browser on a PC.

  1. First of all, please enter the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on menu button.

    Process of Updating Mozilla Firefox Browser on PC

  2. Next select on help button which has a question mark icon next to the exit button.

    Process of Updating Mozilla Firefox Browser on PC

  3. A row of menus will appear and select on About Firefox.

    Process of Updating Mozilla Firefox Browser on PC

  4. Now a dialog window will appear showing the current version, click on the button Check for updates to see if there is an update or not.

    Process of Updating Mozilla Firefox Browser on PC

  5. If there is an update, a button to download will appear again, please click it and wait until the download process is complete.

    Process of Updating Mozilla Firefox Browser on PC

  6. When the download is complete, the user will be prompted to restart the Mozilla Firefox browser and that’s it.

Not only is the Firefox browser when updating it always on the version page, but most browsers also have the same method. Maybe only a few people have Firefox browser update problem, the example has followed the method above, but the Firefox version remains the same as before. If users think they have such a problem, the solution is very easy. Just re-download the latest version of Firefox and it will update automatically. To download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, please go to Mozilla Firefox Browser Download Page.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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