How to Unlock Commando Carbine Weapons in Battlefield V

Battlefield 5 Medic class has a total of eight different weapons for you to choose from. The only type of weapon that medics can use is the SMG. As a single firearm with high damage at close to medium range, the new weapon provides a needed change to the Medic arsenal.

To unlock it, you’ll need to complete a series of challenges first, with three different potential routes. Well, in this article we will discuss an easy way to complete all the challenges, so that you can get this weapon in just a few matches.

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Not only that, we will also provide tips for weapon upgrades, and relevant weapon statistics. If you’re curious, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to read this article to the end.

How to Get Commando Carbine

The first step to getting Commando Carbine is to win grind matches, a game mode that was added to Battlefield 5 in April 2021.

There you will have three different routes to choose from to complete the process of unlocking weapons. The best option is the bottom path, which involves a series of three additional challenges.

Revive 5 Teammates

Next, you have to revive five teammates. An easy way to do this is to play Devastation. This should be relatively simple, and likely won’t take more than one match.

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Resupply 15 Friends

The next goal states that you need to supply 15 teammates without dying. By throwing lots of medical bags at teammates, most people can complete this mission in the first match they enter.

Get 15,000XP In Grind

This may seem like a lot of experience, but the challenges will pass quickly for the game playing the missions. In Grind, players will gain more XP through game objectives than by collecting multiple kills.

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Those who play to win the match will complete the challenge in no time. Reviving and supplying teammates can also give you lots of XP rewards.

Heal Or Deal 7,500 Points

The ultimate goal of this mission is very simple. Players must heal, revive teammates and will be counted in the total.

Meanwhile, you can do damage to your opponent to get additional points. This mission also applies to the Grind game mode. One or two games should be enough for most gamers to hit 7,500.

Once the mission is complete, the Commando Carbine will be available for use in Battlefield V. Gamers who choose to complete all other challenges will receive additional XP for their hard work.

Commando Carbine Upgrade Tips

commando carbine customize battlefield v
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Commando Carbine is arguably the only best weapon from other Medic weapons because it can provide a nice change.

All other options available are SMG. At level four, the player can choose four different upgrades for his Carbine. Players must choose four upgrades as below:

  • Quick Aim
  • Custom Stock
  • Machine Bolt
  • Enhanced Grips
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Quick Aim can provide less accuracy, so this weapon allows it to compete with SMGs at close range. Since weapons will be used, especially in tight spaces, Custom Stocks can help Carbine with accuracy and close control.

Besides, bullet speed is not that important for close combat, so the extra RPM boost from “High Velocity Rounds” is no longer needed.

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Likewise, the Quick Reload upgrade doesn’t make much difference, so it’s best if you opt for the Machine Bolt upgrade. Because a faster exit loop is much better than a slight reduction in reload time. And the most interesting is the Enhanced Grips, which provide a marked increase in close-range firefights.

Commando Carbine Stats

commando carbine battlefield 5 preview

Commando Carbine is a weapon that is quite dangerous. How not, with only two shots to the chest or one shot to the head can kill the enemy.

Bullet drop and hit delay are some of the weaknesses in using this weapon. The player must aim the target correctly and aim above at a longer distance.

In addition, this weapon also has a fairly large damage reduction. So it will take two or even chest shots to kill enemies from around 50 meters away.

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Due to the large number of bullets needed to kill from a distance, the Machine Bolt here is indispensable. This upgrade will increase the rate of fire lowering the theoretical time to kill substantially.

Rank in Medic Class

Medics only have a few weapons to choose from in their class. Carbines provide a different playing experience and can dominate both close and mid-range.

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Because the Carbine is a single firearm and will require more skill and accuracy than any other Medic weapon in the game.

It’s very tempting to give this weapon a high rank, but the low bullet speed and reduced damage make this weapon’s power limited.

Nonetheless, it is a consistent and viable choice as a medical personnel weapon. Unfortunately, this is not the best weapon to use given the aforementioned drawbacks.

Still, the Commando Carbine is a fun weapon, and you’ll need to spend some time unlocking it. All challenges can be completed in less than an hour.

Battlefield V is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and of course PC.

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