How to Turn off Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp

There are two types of protection available on WhatsApp, namely fingerprint lock and two-factor authentication. Both have different uses. If the fingerprint lock is used to lock the WhatsApp application, while two-factor authentication is used to protect the WhatsApp account from being re-registered by someone else using the same number.

WhatsApp’s fingerprint lock feature is very useful for protecting privacy, especially when the phone is borrowed by friends. They will not be able to open the chat because they have to go through the fingerprint confirmation process registered on the cellphone.

But some people no longer need this feature, either because they have used it other security apps or uncomfortable with the feature. And users are also given the freedom by WhatsApp to deactivate it at any time.

Disabling Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp

Users can disable this feature through the privacy settings on WhatsApp. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.

  2. Tap three dot option at the top right.

    Click WhatsApp Triple Dots Option

  3. Then select Settings.

    Select Settings

  4. Please go to the menu Account => Privacy.

    Go to Account Menu
    Go to Privacy Menu

  5. Scroll down and tap on menu Fingerprint Lock.

    Tap the Fingerprint Lock menu

  6. Then disable in options Unlock with fingerprint.

    Turn off Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp

  7. Done, fingerprint lock disabled successfully.

After following the steps above, surely now WhatsApp will not ask for a fingerprint again when opening it. But if it’s still the same, please repeat again carefully the steps above. And make sure the internet connection is active when doing it.

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The fingerprint lock on WhatsApp can be activated or deactivated at any time when needed. For example, users only want to activate it when they leave the house, such as at school or others, and then deactivate it when they are at home. All of that can be done through privacy settings on WhatsApp.

And actually WhatsApp also provides a feature to set the delay level for the fingerprint lock to be active. By default it is set as 1 minute. So for example the phone is locked within 1 minute, the fingerprint lock on WhatsApp will be activated immediately. And users are free to set interval the time is in the settings.

If anyone has questions about the tutorial above, please add a comment below this article to get a solution.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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