How to Turn off Autoplay Videos on Youtube

The Autoplay feature on Youtube has been available for a long time. Not only in the application, but also available on the WEB version. Meanwhile, there is additional autoplay on the mobile Youtube application, where the video will play automatically on the homepage.

In general, the autoplay feature will only be activated when your phone is on a WiFi network. Meanwhile, if you use cellular data, it will automatically be deactivated in order to save on data spending.

But for those of you who don’t want the autoplay feature even though you’re currently using WiFi, it can also be disabled. And this article will explain how to do it.

How to Turn off Autoplay Videos on Youtube

Disabling the Autoplay Feature in the Youtube App

  1. Open the Youtube app

  2. Tap on the profile photo in the top right corner

    Go to Youtube Profile Photo

  3. Select menu Settings

    Settings Menu on Youtube

  4. Next to the menu Autoplay

    Tap the Autoplay Menu

  5. Do not enable the option “Next Video Autoplay

    Not Enable Next Video Autoplay Option

  6. And for options Autoplay on Home, set as Non-active.

    Setting As Off on Autoplay on Youtube Home

When the autoplay feature is turned off, of course the videos that appear on the Youtube Homepage will no longer play automatically. And when you play a video, then the duration has expired, then Youtube will not play the next video automatically.

Maybe you have other problems, where when trying to follow the steps above there is a problem, namely the Autoplay menu that is not available. This is because you are currently using the old version of the Youtube application.

In order for the Autoplay menu to appear in Settings, you must first update the Youtube application on the Play Store. And if for example there is no update available, it is highly recommended to reinstall the Youtube app.

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Disabling Youtube Autoplay on Desktop

For PC users, of course, it is very easy to disable this autoplay feature. Because that option is available on the right side of the currently playing video. By disabling it, subsequent videos will no longer autoplay.

Disabling Youtube Autoplay Feature on Desktop

Since Youtube is still the old view to the new one now, the feature to disable video autoplay is still the same and nothing has changed. And currently Youtube on desktop devices still doesn’t autoplay videos on the homepage, aka only on the Youtube mobile application.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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