How to Top Up My XL Free Fire (FF)

This is how to top up My XL Free Fire (FF), you will definitely get convenience if you top up through here. Because later there will be many interesting things that we might be able to use, if we do a Top Up properly and correctly

Especially for the problem of events that are present in the Free Fire game now, maybe you will find a lot of cool new things. Especially for paid events and bundles that will be released soon, surely all these bundles are expensive and look cool.

Then yesterday we just had the Sonictroops Bassrock Free Fire Bundle, because it was present at a paid event. If you can get hockey quickly, but if you fail it means you have to top up more so that you can get it.

So, that’s why, try the My XL Free Fire (FF) Top Up Method, so that later you can make big profits if you take part in this event as well. Because the big chance to save more later, will be bigger than before.

How to Top Up My XL Free Fire (FF)

  1. The requirement before doing the Top Up here is that you must have an XL Card or the user of the Card, to be able to do it.
  2. Then you will have to first download the APK called My XL in the download feature available on the device.
  3. Then after you have done that, then of course you can go directly into the APK.
  4. We have to log in only using the XL cellphone number, so at the beginning it’s only for XL Card users.
  5. After you have logged into this APK, just select the section called My Packages.
  6. Next, select the section called Buy a package, to continue the Free Fire Top Up process.
  7. Select the menu called Entertainment, then after that you will see a choice of options related to Top Up.
  8. Then choose a game called Free Fire because our goal is only to top up in the game.
  9. Players must first enter the Free Fire ID before Top Up in the APK.
  10. Then select the total of the Diamond prices available in this APK.
  11. You can also get a Bonus if there is an event right now, but usually this Top Up Event will have a bonus too.
  12. Please enter your XL mobile number to proceed with the payment.
  13. This payment process will use credit and press Submit to continue.
  14. Then later a Verif Code will appear to continue the Top Up Process.
  15. Done and you can enjoy pre-filled Diamonds.
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After you know things like this, XL Card users don’t have to worry about doing Top UP, because we have given the method right now.

If you really want to use this method, you can, there is also a Free Fire Credit Top Up Place that might be your next recommendation.

Top Up Can be from anywhere, but meets the sales conditions and must immediately have the honesty of the service. Also avoid doing Illegal Top Up, because it is included in a type that is quite dangerous now.

After knowing How to Top Up My XL Free Fire (FF), now is the right time for you to do that too. Of course, if you use the same card as these conditions, it’s not a problem because you can try it right away.

Even for a Way to Get a Free Fire Jeep Thrash Skin, one of the Top Up Events that you must complete. It is certain that if you take part in this event, there will be many prizes that we cannot miss.

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