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This time we will explain how to shoot hip fire in the PUBG Mobile game. Starting from how to do it to the recoil effect that appears by using this method of shooting.

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game with the battle royale genre. This game provides a vast battle royale arena. That allows players in this game to get a broad vision and can travel where they want.

The advantage is that PUBG Mobile provides two shooting modes, namely First Person Perspective (FPP) and Third Person Perspective (TPP). Of course this is an advantage for PUBG Mobile because shooter games usually have an FPS (First Person Shooter) shooting mode.

How to Shoot Hip Fire in PUBG Mobile, How to do it?

how to shoot hip fire

Hip Fire is a way of shooting in PUBG Mobile without opening the scope. So the player shoots directly according to the crosshair of his weapon.

If you play with FPP shooting mode, of course the way to shoot hip fire is like opening a scope. Meanwhile, when using the TPP shooting mode, the effect of this hip fire is quite felt for players.

Usually in close combat, PUBG Mobile players often do this hip fire way of shooting. That’s because speed is the key to victory from close combat. The enemy is in sight so we have to shoot him faster.

If you have to open the scope first, worry if we get shot faster. Therefore, in close combat, especially 1v1 players shoot directly by means of hip fire.

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Therefore, how to shoot hip fire can be applied to close-range weapons. Be it Assault Rifle (AR), Submachine Gun (SMG), or shotgun.

To be able to shoot right on target using this hip fire technique, players must make sure their weapon’s crosshair is right on the enemy’s body.

But that’s where the trouble with how to shoot this hip fire is. The player must be able to move his body as well as the screen to direct the crosshair right at the enemy’s body.

That’s because the weapon’s crosshair point is in the center of the screen. Therefore, to move the crosshair, you also have to move the body and the screen.

Recoil Effect On How To Shoot Hip Fire

how to shoot hip fire

If you have tried hip fire before then you have felt the difficulty of using this method of shooting rather than opening the scope.

Shots often don’t hit the target even though the crosshair is right at the enemy. So why did it happen?

This happens because the recoil effect on hip fire is somewhat different. By firing hip fire, the recoil of the weapon can make the bullets scattered. Not only vertically but also horizontally.

Therefore, when shooting with a hip fire method, the shot actually spreads everywhere. Especially if you use a weapon with a fast rate of fire and a fairly high recoil, like AKM for example.

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