How To Set Up Private Domain Nameservers On Namecheap

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There may be a lot of website owners who don’t understand what it is.”Private Name Server“. Its purpose is to create a nameserver with its own domain that has been pointed to according to the IP on the website server. Allows to make the website look more professional and classy. There are many hostings that provide free private nameservers but only in packages VPS/Dedicated Servers only, but there are also some hostings that provide free packages shared hosting.

By using a private nameserver, you can have a name server with your own domain. For example & This time I will share the procedure for using a private nameserver from a domain provider in Indonesia Namecheap according to my own experience. :mrgreen:
Please see the procedure below.

  1. First of all, please contact hosting support to find out the IP that will be used to create a private nameserver. Basically there are multiple sequential IPs assigned, at least 2 IPs

  2. Furthermore, if you have got the IP address, please save it first and enter Namecheap. When you are logged in, please go to the menu Domains then click Manage Domains and select which domain to change the nameservers for.

  3. After that click menu Nameserver Registration. On that page there will be a column to fill in the IP. Please fill in the column with the IP given by the hosting provider in sequence. If so, please click the button Add Nameservers. To check whether the IP entered is correct or not, you can go to the menu Find All Existing Nameservers

  4. Now please go to the menu Domain Name Server Setup and change the old nameservers to nameservers with their own domain. As an example and

  5. After that, just wait for the DNS update for about 12 hours. Maximum 48 hours.

By using a private nameserver will not affect SERP as long as the hosting server remains in the same country location. And you don’t need to wait for DNS updates if you use the private nameservers on the same hosting as before.

Maybe in other domain providers it is almost the same in this way, and what you need to know, The IP address assigned by the hosting provider does not need to be changed. Don’t have a Namecheap account yet? SIGN UP NOW. If anyone has any questions about using private nameservers on namecheap, please comment. ️

Hopefully useful and good luck

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