How to Set Dim Screen Time on Laptop

On the PC there are settings to adjust many things about the screen display. Examples include adding wallpapers, screensavers, brightness, and much more. This can be found in the Personalize section. Tap what if set for a dim screen time so the user can make it longer or faster as desired. This feature cannot be found in the Personalize section, but in other sections of the PC.

Someone set the screen on longer so that the download process continues even if left for a very long time. But that’s not all the use of the screen that stays alive. Screen that suddenly turns off on this PC because the device has entered the process idle or with the intention of not being used within the stipulated time. And the meaning of not being used is that there is no touch keyboard and mouse.

To set it faster or longer can be from the settings named Power Options. As per the title that here I will only share this method for laptops only and it seems it can be used for computers too, but this method will work on computers with Windows operating systems. Well, here’s the procedure for setting the screen dim time on a laptop. And here the meaning of the dim screen is not like the brightness is reduced, but the screen is not visible anymore, but the system is still on.

  1. First of all, please type Power Options on the START Menu and click ENTER.

    How to Set Dim Screen Time on Laptop

  2. Next the user will be taken to the power consumption settings section. So just click on the text Change Plan Settings in addition to the profile used. Here’s an example I’m using a profile Balanced.

    How to Set Dim Screen Time on Laptop

  3. Then now the user can set the screen dim time by adding to the section Turn Off the Display. There will be 2 choices between On Battery and Plugged In. The meaning of On Battery is when the laptop uses the battery for power consumption. As for Plugged In, it is when the laptop is being charged. So set as needed.

    How to Set Dim Screen Time on Laptop

    DESCRIPTION: An example of the picture above is I use 25 minutes to process the screen dim when the laptop uses battery power. Meanwhile I set the screen dim process as 1 hour when the laptop is charged. That’s because I use my laptop while it’s being charged more often than using battery power.

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Laptops can live even without a battery, namely while being charged, but it is an incorrect choice when the user removes the battery when using a charger because at any time it can damage. A dim screen will interfere with the download process and so on just like a cellphone that downloads something while the screen is turned off, the connection will certainly be reduced and not as fast as usual. If you have something to ask, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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