How to Save Quota When Playing Mobile Legends (ML)

This is how to save quota when playing Mobile Legends. As you know, Mobile Legends is one of the most interesting and popular online games to play.

Every time you play online games, of course, you need quite a lot of data, without data or quota you can’t play this one game.

Maybe some players don’t mind if they waste their quota when playing, but some players are certainly quite annoyed because they have a limited quota and try to save it.

Therefore, the following news will provide a way to save quota when playing Mobile Legends games. You can try some of the following tips to save internet data.

How to Save Quota When Playing Mobile Legends

How to Save Quota When Playing Mobile Legends (ML)

Here’s how to save quota when playing the Mobile Legends game. Please see the full review below.

Pay attention to In-Game Auto Updates.

First, so that the quota lasts, you are obliged to pay attention to the auto update that is in the game, not from the playstore. The problem is that the data in the playstore is relatively small, but you have to download 4GB in the game.

Well the first tip, you have to download all the data first using WiFi, download all the game data including other game modes such as Magic Chess and Survival. After that you can play it safe using your own data.

Use Low Graphics

The higher the graphics you use, of course, the more quota you spend when playing.

Generally in one game, you will eat around 5 MB to 10 MB, but for an hourly count, you need about 8.5MB in playing one hour.

To save even more, you can use the lowest or lowest graphics, this is so you can save your quota when playing.

Don’t Watch Ads

Mobile Legends recently released a new feature called Ad Tickets, you can get these items by watching advertisements in the Chests that have been provided.

The reason is to watch one ad in the Chest it will take about 10 MB, and every day there are about 10 Chests that you can watch.

Therefore, if you regularly watch advertisements every day, it will consume around 100MB. Well even the data will get bigger after you play.

Turning off Speed ​​Mode

Lastly is to turn off Speed ​​Mode, Speed ​​Mode is a feature that can reduce lag, but if you feel smooth without using this feature, it’s best not to activate it.

You can disable this feature by going to Settings mode, and then entering the Network menu and turning off Speed ​​Mode.

So that’s it for how to save quota when playing Mobile Legends games. Hopefully the above review can be useful and useful for those of you who need it. see you later!

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