How to Report an Account on Instagram

How to Report an Account on Instagram

Now Instagram is not only used for photo and video storage media, but has become a social media used to get the latest information in the form of images and videos. Even so, there are still advantages and disadvantages to Instagram which affect the convenience of users.

Maybe many of us sometimes read news through social media, be it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although the news seems convincing, sometimes it can’t be trusted immediately and must be seen for the truth. Especially if the news is published by an obscure account and not from a popular news media account.

It’s still a mystery as to what the benefits are for people who are spreading fake news or hoaxes, because it was of no use to him. And the good news, most social media give the option to report accounts that spread fake news or hoaxes that continue.

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Reportable Violations on Instagram

Actually, it’s not just fake news that can be reported on Instagram. And it covers more than several types which is against Instagram’s community guidelines. Here are some things or violations that can be reported on Instagram:

  • Doing SPAM: Like commenting on multiple accounts continuously without stopping. Also includes uploading hoax content that is disturbing.
  • Uploading Inappropriate Content: An example is uploading sexual content, violence, hate symbols, or harassment.
  • Disguising As Someone Else: For example, someone disguises themselves as your friend and copies all their photos and videos.
  • Copyright Infringement: A small example is like there are other accounts that share your videos without any permission.
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If you find an account that violates the above, just report it. After all this is not difficult and has been given the easiest way by Instagram, so the process to report can be done very quickly.

How to Report a Violating Instagram Account

There are two types that can be reported, namely reporting Accounts or only Uploaded Content. If you report an account, it is more specific to the type of account that actually violates the overall content it uploads.

Meanwhile, if the account only violates one content, it’s a good idea to just report the content or post so that later it will be deleted by the Instagram system. The procedure is the same, here is the tutorial:

  1. Go to the profile of the account you want to report.

  2. Click the option button (three dots) at the top.

    How to Report a Violating Instagram Account

  3. Then select menu Report.

    How to Report a Violating Instagram Account

  4. Two options will appear, just choose according to the circumstances of the violation. If it’s a hoax, it’s better to immediately choose “This is spam“. As for other types of violations, select “This is inappropriate“.

    How to Report a Violating Instagram Account

  5. If you choose “This is inappropriate“, will be given a few more options. Simply choose which violation is intended against the account or content.

    How to Report a Violating Instagram Account

  6. After reporting it, a notification will appear “Thank you for reporting thiswhich is a sign that it has succeeded.

    How to Report a Violating Instagram Account

Not complicated and can be done quickly. Unless you report copyright, you may be asked to write something down on the form provided. And at first glance this is almost no difference as on Facebook.

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How long does it take for reports to be processed by Instagram?

This is erratic, sometimes fast and sometimes slow depending on the type of violation reported. However, if there are too many reports, of course this will take place quickly and not less than 1 day.

Meanwhile, you will stay get notification if the report is approved or rejected by Instagram. And the thing that causes rejection is usually content that has been deleted first by the account owner before being reviewed by Instagram.

Whether the report is approved or rejected, this will not affect your own account. So you don’t have to worry about that. The important thing is to continue to use the feature to properly report these violations and not to play around.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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