How to Register GMail Without Verifying Mobile Number

If you know the word about Email, surely most people will immediately think of the email service provided by Google, namely GMail. Because the email account is very important for all Android phones and one of its uses is to download content or buy on the Play Store. In addition, there are many more advantages of having a GMail account that users certainly don’t know yet.

GMail accounts are private, so they are usually used for only one person, whereas if they are used for companies, they usually buy services. G Suite. Now for a regular GMail account, what is needed for verification is at least a mobile number, but do users know that registering a GMail account can also be done no cell phone number, and this only depends on the luck factor.

Before I share this method, I myself have tried it and it really works. Is this method against the rules? Of course not at all because users will only use the features available during Google or GMail account registration and no need do code implementations or something and just register like a normal person. So how to register a GMail account without verifying your cellphone number? Here are some ways.

Using Android Phone Live

Through the feature of adding an existing Google account on an Android phone, it allows users to register for a new GMail account without the need to verify a cellphone number. But this only applies if the user has never or only has 2 to 3 Google accounts on his cellphone. If it exceeds that usually after the registration process a notification will appear on the cellphone telling the user to enter a Google account and verify the cellphone number so that the account can be used.

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Register Via Android Emulator on PC

Registering a GMail Account Without Verification of Mobile Number

Don’t have an Android phone to register for a GMail account like the first method, it doesn’t matter because there are lots of emulators that you can try for free for PC. But make sure that the PC used by the user meets the specifications so that it won’t be slow later when opening the emulator. I also recommend using Bluestack because I managed to register a Google account without verifying my cellphone number with the program. The way to do it is the same as the first method because this emulator has very little difference from a real Android phone.

Don’t Write down Mobile Number

Registering a GMail Account Without Verification of Mobile Number

This might look a little weird, did you not write it down when verifying or when registering? What is certain is, of course, when registering, you do not need to write down your cellphone number. Use any PC and don’t forget to delete cache and cookies browser and no need to use a VPN. Next, please enter the GMail website and register a new account. In the date of birth, use the year 1999 and below and in the cell phone number, you don’t need to fill in or change it. After that click the registration button.

The three methods above I have tried myself before making this article and including the third part method depends on luck, because I only managed to use the third method once and it seems that Google has a smart way to detect it. fraud and the like so that users who have tried the third method, will not be able to try again in the same way.

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Whereas if for the first method it will definitely work well on all Android phones, but as I said earlier this is not unlimited and maybe only up to 3 times and after that a notification will appear asking the user to verify with a cellphone number. Once again that the three methods above require a factor of luck too and if you want to apply it to Outlook email, the method is already in this article. If you have any questions, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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