How to Prevent Cliff from Leaving the Village in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

In this game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a character who lives in a village, he is a man who is dressed in all brown and looks sad with his quiet nature. Yes, that character is Cliff.

If you play Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (HM BTN) until the second year, you will not see Cliff again in the village.

How come? How did it happen?

Don’t worry, here I will give reasons regarding Cliff’s departure from the village, as well as give tips so that he does not leave Mineral Towm. Curious? Let’s just take a look below.

The Reason Cliff Left Mineral Town in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

As we know that Cliff is a gloomy figure, this can be seen when you ask him something, there you will find out how Cliff is feeling right now through his face.

Yes, he seems to be thinking about something, whatever it is, which is clearly he has financial problems.

Cliff no longer knows how to earn money and what he must do to survive in this village. Considering he doesn’t have a job, so this is what causes Cliff to look gloomy and leaves the village in his second year.

The Solution So Cliff Can Still Live in the Village

I assume my friends already understand Cliff’s situation. Yes, he has financial problems. Then how to help him?

It’s easy, at Fall 14, you will get a Duke event coming to your house and offering a job to harvest grapes at Aja Winery for 6 days starting tomorrow.

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In his offer, Duke tells you to find one more person to help with the work. Well, your job is to find Cliff in a regular place that he often visits, usually Cliff is at the church or at the inn.

If you have met him, talk to him about the work of harvesting grapes. Hearing the offer Cliff will be happy.

The next day go to Aja Winery at 10:00 am, then you will see Cliff already in the garden. On your last day of work, you will see Duke and Cliff having a serious conversation.

In his conversation, it turned out that Duke had hired Cliff at the Aja Winery, with this of course Cliff could be in the village and not have financial problems anymore.

What if Cliff had already left the village? Is there a solution to get him back?

The answer is NO. Cliff’s departure from the village is permanent, unless you are willing to restart the game from the beginning.

Thus the article that explains why Cliff left the village and solutions to prevent it. Wait for the next update, and for those of you who are new to playing Harvest Moon, don’t forget to also read our article about the Harvest Moon Back to Nature Guidebook.

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