How to Play Using Rafaela in Mobile Legends (ML)

This is how to play using Rafaela in Mobile Legends. As one of the support heroes, Rafaela becomes quite meta thanks to the Meta Support Healing, including Angela, Rafaela and Estes.

These three heroes are played quite a lot in the current season, with healing abilities and the new item Favor, will make these three heroes a hero that is quite mandatory to play.

Of course, as a support it is quite easy to play, but for those of you who want to learn to master it, you can use some of the tips that we will convey below.

The following news will provide a guide on how to play using Rafaela’s hero in Mobile Legends. Please see the full review that we will convey below, yes!

How to Play Using Rafaela in Mobile Legends

How to Play Using Rafaela in Mobile Legends (ML)

Check out the following how to play and use the best Rafaela hero in Mobile Legends, guaranteed to be good at playing it right away!

First, Know Rafaela’s Skills

Of course, before playing, you must know the skills of Rafaela’s hero in Mobile Legends.

Passive: Deity Penalization

Rafaela will punish the target who has eliminated her (Target is within a certain range). Rafaela will charge for 2 seconds and then send Penalization Power to the target, dealing True Damage equal to 20% of the target’s Max HP. Can be held by other opposing heroes. This skill can only work on enemy heroes.

Skill 1: Light of Retribution

Rafaela will use the power of the Holy Light to inflict damage on three nearby enemies. Then reveal them for a short time and repeat. The damage from this skill will increase by 20%. Can be stacked up to 3 times.

Skill 2: Holy Healing

Rafaela will summon Holy Light to regenerate her and her friends’ HP who are near the team with the lowest HP. Increases their movement speed by 50% in 1.5 seconds.

Ultimate: Holy Baptism

Rafaela will use Holy Light to punish enemies in front of her, dealing Magic Damage and stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Build Items, Emblems, and Battle Spells

How to Play Using Rafaela in Mobile Legends (ML)

After knowing the ability of Rafaela, next you can use some information about the use of emblems, battle spells and also the best build items.


For emblems, you can use a Custom Support Emblem with the Pull Yourself Together Talent. This talent will give the ability to reduce Respawn time by 15% and reduce Cooldown by 15%.

Then for the first point you can use Agility to increase Rafaela’s movement speed, so Rafaela will move quickly and can help anytime.

As for the second point, you can give it to Gift points to increase Rafaela’s abilities, this effect will be very suitable for Rafaela to increase her healing abilities.

Battle Spell

The use of Aegis will provide a shield for Rafaela and her close friends, this item will be very suitable for use when teamfights take place, so it will be difficult for opponents to penetrate the shield and protect your teammates.

Then, you can also use Flicker to increase the mobility of Rafaela’s hero, with the help of this battle spell it will help Rafaela move quickly both to escape and chase enemies.

Then you can also use Revitalize which will help Rafaela and her teammates to regenerate HP, so that with this spell, Rafaela and her friends’ HP will immediately recover.

Build Items

Here are some of the best build items that we quote from one of the top global heroes, Rafaela, on the Mobile Legends Leaderboard.

Though Boots

How to Play Using Rafaela in Mobile Legends (ML)

The first item is Thought Boots which will give Rafaela movement speed and then a reduction effect on CC attacks, so Rafaela will play resistant to opponent attacks, especially mage heroes.

Then for the ram item itself, you can use Favor which will give Rafaela a high healing effect, you can focus on tank support with healing abilities.

Enchanted Talisman

Build Eudora Support Items in Mobile Legends

The second item from Rafaela is the Enchanted Talisman, this item will give Rafaela a high Mana Regen effect and additional Cooldown so it will be very useful for Rafaela.

Especially in the early game, Rafaela will be very wasteful of mana because she continues to use her second skill to give buffs to teammates, so this item must be used in the early game.

Dominance Ice

Then you can use Dominance Ice which is one of the items that will give a CC effect as well as an ability that can reduce the HP regen effect of the opponent.

Just like NOD and Sea Halberd, this item will be very useful for making opponents who have high lifesteal to get a half effect reduction.


Oracle is an item that must be used by Rafaela, the ability of this item will provide an additional shield effect and also a regen effect, so that Rafaela’s regen ability will increase.

Of course with the Oracle, Rafaela will survive longer with the help of this item, Rafaela will get a strong defense and healing abilities that help both skill abilities.

Brute Force Breastplate

Next is Brute Force Breastplate which is one of the items that will give Rafaela the ability to stack DEF, by using this item, Rafaela will get defense from marksman attacks.

Not only that, loyal Rafaela using her skill this item will add to the stack of DEF so that it will be stronger and will help her survive.

Antique Cuirass

The last is an item called Antique Cuirass which is one of the best items that can withstand a marksman hero attack during the late game, this item will withstand physical damage and make it strong.

As you know, the late game is a place for marksman heroes to control the match, so as a support healing as well as a tanker, Rafaela must use a strong defense.

Combo Rafaela Mobile Legends

For combo problems, this hero can be played very simply, where, your task only needs to follow your tank or core hero and guard it, Rafaela can also attack with this combo.

Skill 2 > Ultimate Skill > Skill 1

Rafaela’s 2nd skill will help your teammates get healed and then move faster so that you and your teammates can move to teach your opponent. Next use the ultimate skill to give CC to the opponent.

For opponents who get this ultimate attack, then they will get a long stun, use the first skill as additional damage, yep, as support, you must continue to provide support to the core or tanker.

Rafaela Mobile Legends Gameplay

Finally, you can learn some of the best gameplay of Rafaela’s hero starting from choosing the right lane, how to play support and Rafaela’s ganking attack ability in Mobile Legends.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lane

First for laning, Rafaela can choose the mid lane and serve as support. You can help the core hero do farming or you can play directly to protect the tank and disturb the enemy.

Don’t forget to use roaming items so that all exp from the minions and junglers will be given to the hero core, so that your core hero will be faster in farming.

Always use skill 2 to increase the mobility and regen HP of your teammates, then initiate the opponent with the ultimate and attack him, give the kill task to the hero core.

Rafaela’s Ganking Tips

For ganking, Rafaela is perfect for the task. You can do the combo above, by using the ultimate skill first.

This attack will give CC to the opponent in front of him, so that the opponent cannot move in his path, this ability becomes an attack that can stop the opponent.

Try As Much As Possible To Maintain Core

As a support hero, make sure you take full care of your hero cores and don’t leave them on the battlefield. Rafaela can be a frontline hero who takes damage and initiates.

You can withstand every attack thanks to quite a lot of defense items, but don’t be too barbaric and push yourself. Try to keep your teammates on and off to avoid getting ganking attacks.

So that’s it for a guide review on how to play using Rafaela’s hero in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful and useful for those of you who need it. See you later!

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