How to Play Using Hero Hilda Mobile Legends (ML)

This is how to use the best Hilda hero in the Mobile Legends game, Hilda is a hybrid tank fighter hero that has high toughness and damage.

Hero Hilda is usually played as an offlaner or roamer, his ability to defend is very strong and able to rotate quickly thanks to his second skill.

Not only that, Hilda’s damage is also very large, so this one hero is able to defeat the opponent in just a few attacks. Now for those of you who want to play Hilda, here’s how to use it.

The following Kabargokil will provide a guide for how to play using Hilda in the Mobile Legends game. You can master this one hero quickly.

How to Play Using Hero Hilda Mobile Legends

Check out the following how to play using the best Hilda hero in Mobile Legends, see more!

Hilda Mobile Legends Skills

Build Items Hilda Mobile Legends (ML) Aldous Flavor

First we have to know the ability of Hilda’s hero skills, later you can use each of these skills easily in Mobile Legends.

Passive Skill: Blessing of Wilderness

When entering the bush, Hilda will get a shield and will increase her HP regeneration.

Skill 1: Combat Ritual

Hilda will increase her movement speed ability and then strengthen her next basic attack.

Skill 2: Art of Hunting

Hilda will lock the target on the opponent. then deals damage to the target and the skill ability can be used 3 times.

Ultimate Skill: Power of Wildness

Hilda will deal damage to the target that you can set on the unique surrounding.

Build Items, Emblems and Battle Spells

Next, you can use some recommendations from emblems, battle spells and also build items to kill Hilda’s hero. By using it, you will get great damage and solid defense.


For emblems, Hilda can use the Custom Assassin Emblem by using the High And Dry talent. This talent will give additional damage to Hilda’s target.

Then for the first point you can increase 3x Agility to get additional Movement Speed. Agility is an important thing that really helps Hilda’s first skill.

Then for the second point you can use 3x Invasion to increase Physical PEN, not only hard, with this Hilda also has high damage.

Battle Spell

There are not many battle spells that match Hilda, but from the many battle spells, Execute is probably the most widely used battle spell by Hilda.

Then you can also use flicker to increase Hilda’s mobility, this spell can be used to escape or chase your opponent.

The last thing we recommend is Aegis, you can use Aegis to provide a shield that can withstand the opponent’s attack. With this Hilda will be protected from ganking attacks.

Build Items

Next to build Hilda items, you can use some of the items we recommend below.

Tough Boots

The first is Tough Boots, which is a shoe item, you will get 40 Movement Speed ​​and also 22 Magic Defense.

This item will give you an effect that can reduce the opponent’s CC so they can move freely. Now for Roaming, you can use Favor to get Healing in realtime.

Cursed Helmet

Next is the Cursed Helmet which is one of the items that you can use to clear waves quickly.

Even though it is a tank, with this item you can clean the minions quickly and of course it will be very useful for push lane.

Guardian Helmet

Next is the Guardian Helmet, this item will give a fairly large HP attribute and then get a high regen ability. This item is perfect for Hilda in increasing the regen ability of her passive.

Not only that, you can also get a regen bonus after successfully defeating the opponent’s hero or getting an assist.

Antique Cuirass

It is one of the items that will give Hilda the toughness to withstand attacks from the opponent’s hero core. This item will counteract Physical ATK with high damage.

So that the incoming damage will be constant and can withstand the opponent’s damage up to 30%. Of course, it is very suitable to fight hero marksman or hero fighter in late game.

Athena Shield

Next is the Athena Shield that you can use to withstand attacks from hero mages. The ability of this item will make Hilda strong.

Hilda will get an additional shield that can absorb damage. So Hilda will be immune from various magic attacks such as Eudora, Change and other mages.

Malefic Roar

Lastly is Malefic Roar which is one of the items that will give you a high Physical PEN. This item will increase the damage from Hilda’s ultimate.

Not only as a tank, or offlaner, Hilda usually uses tank items armed with Physical. So Hilda will be very strong, hard to beat and have high damage.

Combo Hero Hilda Mobile Legends

Hero Mobile Legends Most Often Banned

It looks like Hilda’s combo is very simple and this one hero doesn’t have high mechanics. So here’s the Hilda combo in Mobile Legends.

Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Ultimate > Execute

As you know, Hilda’s combo is very simple, you can use the first skill to increase her movement speed. Then attack the opponent using the second skill.

You can use this second skill three times, each attack will deal high damage. Then use the ultimate to attack in one deadly attack.

Usually, with the ultimate attack, the opponent will immediately lose, but there can still be a little HP, you can use Execute to defeat him.

You can also use the combo above in reverse. For example ultimate first then chase the opponent and attack using the second skill and execute.

Hilda Mobile Legends Gameplay

The last is Hilda’s hero gameplay in Mobile Legends. You can use the following tips when playing Hilda.

Choosing the Right Role

Hilda has two roles that are often played, the first is Tanker/Roamer, the second is Offlaner. First you have to use a tanker if your team doesn’t have a single tanker to play with.

If your team already has a tanker, you can switch to offlaner easily, because Hilda’s hero is very flexible to play from various roles. You just need to change items manually.

Tips for Stealing Hilda’s Hero Buff

Hilda is arguably a very good hero at stealing buffs, this one hero has a passive which can regenerate and get a shield when entering the bushes.

Now you can use the passive to ambush your opponent in the direction of the opponent’s buff. So, use the first skill to rotate.

Next hide in the opponent’s ambush near the buff area. After the target appears and beats the buff, take a chance on the last hit to steal the buff.

If the opponent attacks you, Hilda can also move towards the bush to activate the passive and use the first skill to escape.

How to Farm Hilda?

For the Tanker role, Hilda can use roaming items, by using this item you can get Gold in real time so you don’t need to farm.

Your job only needs to do rotation, ganking and inhibit the opponent’s movement, don’t forget to do zoning and open maps often.

Then for the role offlaner. You don’t use roaming items. Focus on farming the minions. Clear creeps and do push lane.

If you can, you can cut lane towards your opponent, so that the minions will get faster and your gold will be superior.

So that’s all for a guide on how to play using Hilda’s hero in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the above review can provide a good explanation for those of you who want to play Hilda in Mobile Legends. See you later!

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