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This is how to play the Moco Jump Free Fire (FF) event, it’s easy and maybe you should know it soon so you can understand better. Players who take part in this event will also feel the excitement of moco jumping and passing through many obstacles to get prizes.

Then there are also some things that you might like, because there are still some events that you have to complete too. Make sure to follow every development of the Event that is present now, so that in the future you can get more prizes.

Including from What is a Free Fire Coder’s Nest right now, one of the cool events that we really can’t miss at all. The prizes are varied, the interface is attractive for players to see and you also don’t want to miss the prizes that appear.

You have to try How to Play the Moco Jump Free Fire (FF) event, because this is a new event that gives lots of prizes. If you are diligent in playing it, then every prize we get will increase more and be much more profitable.

How to Play Moco Jump Free Fire (FF) Event

How to Play Moco Jump Free Fire (FF) Event

  1. This event period will take place from 15 – 26 September 2021 which will come now.
  2. If you want to take part in the event, you have to login to the Free Fire game first.
  3. Then select the section called the Events Tab on the right and it has a calendar-like shape if you don’t know.
  4. Look for the name Moco Jump first because that is the name of this latest event and just enter it.
  5. After you enter this event now, of course there are some prizes that we can get and play.
  6. Players will get 5 times the opportunity to play in this event, the opportunity to play will be filled after 1 time playing any mode.
  7. Then you will get 2 choices of Mode called Normal Virus Invasion, we will get more Coin prizes from Virus Invasion.
  8. Kabargokil would suggest that you just play Virus Invasion Mode for more, because it’s not much different from the normal one.
  9. We will use the coins to exchange prizes in this event.
  10. Those of you who start the game at this event later, must use the Left Button so that they can jump and pass the Box.
  11. The longer it takes, the faster it will feel and the more coins will increase if that’s the case.
  12. Collect as many as possible and exchange them for the prizes here.
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Playing in this new event called Moco Jump is not a problem, even you won’t find it difficult to play it anymore. The prizes that we will get from the event are even cooler and you won’t want to miss them at all.

How to Play Moco Jump Free Fire (FF) Event

When else will we get free gifts, through events that are quite easy and enter the event this time. Just complete the event, so you can get quite a lot of prizes from here.

How to Play Moco Jump Free Fire (FF) Event

Instead of waiting any longer, let’s just finish this event and get the prize right away and use it. If you like it then just keep using it, but if it’s not enough, enter it as a collection.

After knowing how to play the Moco Jump Free Fire (FF) event, there will be no more difficulty for players to feel. Because this will be included in the type of Event that is fairly easy, even you can have the prize, you only need to make a jump.

Then let’s also know the contents of the Horizon Store Free Fire right now, so that no more prizes will be missed from here. You can collect as many as possible, so that we don’t accidentally ignore gifts too.

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