How to Play All Mobile Legends Heroes Without Buying Them!

Good news for Mobile Legends players, where you can now play all MLBB heroes without having to buy them first.

Every few months Moonton always brings interesting updates to the Mobile Legends game, to add to the excitement of their game.

Where one of these updates will be coming soon and according to SPIN Esports it is very profitable for players.

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Then what is the update, why do we say it is very profitable for players? Let’s peel everything thoroughly.

Can use all heroes without having to buy them

The update is that you can use or play all heroes in Mobile Legends without having to buy them first.

So you can use things like this to test the heroes in Mobile Legends first before you buy them permanently.

The way to play all the heroes without having to buy them is more precisely by playing the practice mode.

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In this mode, all heroes are open and you can play as you like to decide to buy them permanently at the shop so that they can be played in classic or rank mode.

Then what about the newly released hero, is it directly in practice mode? For the new hero itself, the leak will only be available some time after its release.

When Release?

Kimmy Mobile Legends

The leak itself is that this new system will be released in a major update in September 2021 which falls on the 21st, but in the future the release date can still change.

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