How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

A Facebook account has now become a necessity for many people. Not only among teenagers, but it turns out that there are also many seniors who still use Facebook to communicate. Moreover, there is no limit for one person to create multiple accounts.

Facebook itself provides an automatic login feature, where the session on the browser will store login information, so that when you change accounts, you don’t need to enter your email and password again. And the question is why have multiple accounts? So if there is an account that is no longer used, it will be better delete it so that it is not misused later.

If at this time you really want to permanently delete your Facebook account, it is very appropriate to enter this page. Because this article will share this and of course this is very easy to do.

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Tutorial on Deleting Facebook Account Permanently

Actually Facebook provides two options, namely you can delete the account only temporarily, or permanently (permanent). But in this article, we will explain how you delete your Facebook account forever so that it can’t be opened again later.

  1. Open a Facebook account in a browser or in the app.

  2. Press the option button, and go to the menu Arrangement.

    Tutorial on Deleting Facebook Account

  3. Scroll down and click menu Delete Your Account and Information.

    Tutorial on Deleting Facebook Account

  4. Enter the current password and click the button Kirim

    Tutorial on Deleting Facebook Account

  5. Done, now the Facebook account has been deleted.

After doing the above method, it is highly recommended to never open the account again for the next 14 days so that the account is completely deleted. But if you change your mind to reactivate the account, please immediately log in to the account before 14 days after deleting it and then there will be an option from Facebook which is useful to cancel the account deletion.

Why Wait 14 Days For Account To Be Deleted?

This is useful for security and prevention from outright deletion by hackers. So even if your account has been deleted by hackers, you still have 14 days to recover the account.

And if there is no action for the next 14 days, then the account will be completely deleted by the system and there is no way to recover it.

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Think twice before deleting an account, try to think about whether you really want to leave the account, because once it’s completely deleted, you won’t be able to open it again and the entire collection of photos and videos on that account will also be deleted.

The tutorial above is done via cellphone, but if you are now using a computer, the method is not much different. Just go to the menu Arrangement > Your Facebook Information, then follow from step 3 above.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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