How to Overcome Quota Limit on Google Drive

How to Overcome Quota Limit on Google Drive

Many people store files on Google Drive with the aim of keeping them safe and not lost. Any type of file in Google Drive can also be shared with the public easily. However, Google also provides a limit for the total file downloads per day.

So if the file has been downloaded by many people in a short time, then it will not be temporarily available until the next day. On that page a warning will appear “Quota Limit Exceeded” or “Quota Limit Exceeded“.

If the notification appears, the download button will disappear, so users will not be able to download it. But there is a way to make the file downloadable again, and it just takes a little trick.

Exceeded Quota Limit Solution on Google Drive

It doesn’t take long to download the file again. The point is you just need copy target files into your Google Drive account. So make sure you already have a Google account. And here are the steps to overcome the quota limit is exceeded when downloading files on GDrive.

  1. Please sign in to Google Drive first.

  2. Then access the file you want to download.

  3. In the URL of the file, remove the parameter &export=download and change uc Becomes open. Then access the URL. Here’s an example:



  4. After that, open your Google Drive account and click menu Shared with me.

    Click the Shared with Me Menu

  5. Later the file will appear there. Please right click and select Make a copy.

    Select Menu Make a Copy

  6. And please return to the menu My Drive and download the file from the copy that has been made.

    Exceeded Quota Limit Solution

So overall, files that Google has restricted from downloading can still be copied with another Drive account. The method above is very easy and fast, but for the first time, it might take a little time to do it.

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Searching for Copies of Files on Google Drive

After successfully copying the destination file, you only need to wait a few seconds and a file named will appear Copy_FileName. That’s the file that was successfully copied and you can download it now.

If the file with the name Copies does not appear, please reload Google Drive page, it will appear later. And also make sure your Google Drive memory capacity is still available to copy the destination file, because if it’s not enough, of course the copying process will fail.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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