How To Make Invulnerable Heroes Cannot Die In Mobile Legends

Originally posted on March 17, 2021 @ 8:05 AM

The way that invulnerable heroes cannot die in Mobile Legends is the player’s goal in playing Mobile Legends, with this you will get an easier and faster victory, the less you die, the greater the damage and of course you will be quite immune from the opponent’s attack.

Especially when teamfight with the team in the Mobile Legends game is the time to consider the hero’s immunity. If you have a hero that can’t be considered then you will die very easily unless you go dodging or running.

But, did you know that most of the heroes they use are very invulnerable and can’t die in Mobile Legend, that’s because they already know the secret. Indeed, it’s very annoying if you play Mobile Legend for only a short time and it’s easy to die.

That is why many people, including those of you who are looking for ways to use the invulnerable hero cheat in Mobile Legend, one of which may be so that the Mobile Legend hero they play is strong and doesn’t die easily.

Indeed, until now not many Mobile Legend players know how to make their heroes immune or die and live again, in Mobile Legend, this method does not exist.

But what if you use cheats? For example, the Mobile Legends cheat once hit, it immediately dies? Or even cheat Mobile Legends 1 hit no root? And where can you get or download the Mobile Legends damage cheat for free.

How to Make Invulnerable Heroes Cannot Die in Mobile Legends

So, here’s how to make the heroes you use are immune and can’t die easily in Mobile Legends. Below are the steps that you can practice so that your hero is immune, not easy to die in Mobile Legends. Check out his review below.

Using the Survival Battle Spell

How To Make Invulnerable Heroes Can't Die In Mobile Legends

One of the defensive tactics to make your heroes immune is, by using a defensive Battle Spell, this is very effective if you want your heroes to be immune, but few people know or use it.

Actually, this tactic is very easy to implement, especially when there are so many surviving Battle Spell options available, such as Purify. One of the survival spells in Mobile Legends so that the hero is immune and cannot die.

What is Purify and what is it used for? Purify in the Battle strategy is to eliminate all negative effects that are obtained when you receive attacks from enemies.

This is one way that you can use so that your hero cannot die in Mobile Legends. With Purify effects such as True Damage, Knock Back, Stun and other negative effects will not work.

Play With Meta or Strong Heroes

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The second way is that you play with a strong hero. This has become one of many people’s strategies to survive. Playing using a strong hero, will obviously make it difficult for your hero to die, because the hero has good defensive abilities.

Maybe you already know, that the strong heroes in Mobile Legend are mostly Tank-role heroes where it is specifically for defensive play. For example, Gatotkaca. Which is classified as one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legend. Gatotkaca himself is a Tank hero who has extraordinary defensive abilities.

Even Gatotkaca is also arguably the strongest hero in the Mobile Legend game, because it is very difficult to be disabled even though he receives repeated attacks from opponents.

Using Defense Items

Using Gear or defensive items, where the Gear survives will make any hero you use will be very difficult to be paralyzed by the opponent. By using these defensive Gear items, the ability to survive enemy attacks will be extraordinary.

However, the defensive gear that you use must contain items that do have a function to increase defense. For example, like using the Athena Shield item. This defensive item makes the hero you use immune in Mobile Legend.

Athena Shield itself provides a defensive effect against a fairly large Magic attack, which is 56, an additional 20 HP regeneration and 900 HP points. By using this combination of several defensive items, the hero you are using is very difficult to incapacitate, it will not even be able to die.

Utilizing Lifesteal

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Lastly, using lifesteal, this can be a very strong defense, especially for those of you who are marksman or assassin users. Which of these two types of heroes is very dependent on lifesteal to survive.

Lifesteal has the possibility to increase HP in real time, which is when you are attacked, you can also attack other heroes and you can get a lifesteal effect, your HP will not run out and you can last longer.

Using a very strong lifesteal, especially for some heroes who have a very fast attack speed, by providing attacks that are faster than other heroes, you will get extraordinary defense but while dealing damage to the opponent.

For marksman or assassin hero users, you should use more than one lifesteal item, for example, you use Endless Battle and Haas’s Claw which damage lifesteal effect you will get with a total of around 30%. With this effect you can regenerate more HP every second.

Well, that was the way to make invulnerable heroes not die in mobile legends. Of course, hopefully the reviews we have provided above can be useful, especially for those of you who are currently Mobile LEgends gamers. Thank you so much and hopefully useful.

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