How to Install the Apple iPhone Logo on Bio Free Fire (FF)

You can find out How to Install the Apple iPhone Logo on Bio Free Fire (FF), of course this can be one of your instructions to play the game too.

Where in the process of installing a logo like this, it will let other players know that you are playing using an iPhone right now.

Of course there are lots of interesting things that can be used, when you change the Bio in the Free Fire game now.

Make sure you also have to know, for example, installing a Logo in the Bio is indeed quite easy and can be put to good use.

But not only there, for the benefits of using Avatar in Free Fire, you can use it quite well now.

Where things like that will happen later, it will make you more willing to use a cool Bio.

Moreover, it is How to Install the Apple iPhone Logo on Bio Free Fire (FF), maybe you should try it.

You could say that for now, the Bio presented in the game already has many interesting logos and shapes to try.

Everything that is presented in the Bio like this too, will make you look pretty cool and show other players about this Bio.

Especially for the Bio Logo which has a shape like the Apple Iphone, of course it’s very easy to do with all of you.

Especially if you already know the Bio Free Fire Bold Code, of course, something like this is the best part that you can try to experience right now.

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Of course, with the presence of the Apple iPhone Logo like this, it will indeed make you more interested in trying it.

Just follow the method given now, you will know and will not feel confused to try the logo right now.

How to Install Apple iPhone Logo on Bio Free Fire (FF)

  1. You must first enter the Free Fire game, to be able to change the Logo in the Bio apple FF introduction to each account, yes.
  2. After you are in the Lobby section of the game, you can immediately enter again into the Account Profile section.
  3. Here you have to press the image that looks like a pencil, then it will immediately be taken to a section called bio settings and changes.
  4. So before that, you have to look for the Apple Logo from this iPhone on Google or you can directly search for it on emojipedia.
  5. Then enter the Logo at the bottom of the Signature section, while changing the profile in the account you are using.
  6. You just enter the Apple Logo in your free fire account.
  7. It is more interesting if you use this Logo with a name that is made in various forms later.
  8. After that you can enter directly change the bio, to be used and show it to the enemy later.
  9. Utilized better than before, a cool Bio can make you look very attractive later too.

Especially for now, if the Logo problem is like that, it will indeed appear in different forms and you can take advantage of it.

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Especially with Cool Symbols in Free Fire, where you can indeed use it for a cool name or Guild name later.

By taking advantage of all of that, you will also have many new things and attractive appearances when viewed by other players.

After knowing How to Install the Apple iPhone Logo on Bio Free Fire (FF), those of you who are curious, of course, can try it right away.

Where a logo like this is really good to show friends and enemies, if you play the Free Fire game what cellphone do you use.

Especially with How to Get Free Fire Magic Cube, of course, things like this are very easy for you to do now.

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