How to get Water Grenade Free Fire (FF)

This is how to get the Water Grenade Free Fire (FF), it’s very easy and you can try it right away if you want to have the skin.

In the update that comes in this type of cool skin, it can indeed be the best choice that you should try now.

Especially for the problems that are presented in this Free Fire game, yes, all of that must be interesting and you can feel everything.

Not only in that section, because there are indeed many other new events that will appear with new skins.

Then there is also How to Throw a Free Fire Grenade, when it will be thrown at the enemy who is in the match.

It doesn’t just stop there, because there are still lots of new changes that you can try right now.

Just like How to Get Water Grenade Free Fire (FF), having this will definitely make the enemy turn into annoyance, you know.

The skins that are present in the Grenade feature now, of course, can make you more interested in using the skin too.

Moreover, to get the Free Fire Water Grenade, it’s easy and the skin is also very easy for you to get right now.

Not only that, you also know that there are several Skin Grenade Benefits in Free Fire right now.

It’s the same with this Water Grenade, yes, where it is included in the Skin Grenade Category which is the best and very useful for confusing enemies.

But before using this skin, of course you have to get it first, the method given is easy and of course you can use it immediately.

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If you really want it, you can get it now, but if not, let’s just wait for the free one, right?

How to Get Water Grenade Free Fire (FF)

  1. Enter the Free Fire game first, then you will immediately be in a section called the Lobby.
  2. Then you enter the section called Armory, here there are several important categories to choose from, just Grenades.
  3. After that you can immediately scroll slowly down, to be able to find the Skin Water Grenade and can be used when competing later.
  4. If you have found the Skin, go ahead and buy it at a fairly cheap price, which only needs to take out 150 Diamonds.
  5. After you buy this Grenade Skin, it will go directly to the section called Weaponary Free Fire.
  6. When you want to use it, just press Equip then you just select it and see the Explosion Effect of the water from the Grenade.

There are already many skins that are present in Grenade, but at the beginning of this skin, it turned out that many chose it.

It’s even become one of the most popular skins, because of the shape and effects that were given at that time, it was very cool for you to throw later.

Then, apart from being paid for this skin, it was once free through the latest event, which players and even Free Fire players have been waiting for right now.

But it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to have a skin like this, because it’s your condition that you want or don’t want a skin like that to get.

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After you know how to get the Water Grenade Free Fire (FF), then just try and take advantage of everything so that it’s cool.

Because Skin Grenades like this are indeed quite interesting, as long as you yourself use them properly and correctly when competing later.

Moreover, there is also a way to get Magic Cube Free Fire (FF) right now, if you can and know how, of course this can be obtained immediately.

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