How to Get Through the Big Ditch in Erangel PUBG Mobile

This time we will provide tips in the form of how to get through the big ditch in Erangel PUBG Mobile. This tip is useful because many players often fall into ditches and it’s a bit difficult to get up to the mainland again.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that provides a wide battle arena. The widest map in this game has a size of 8x8km, namely Erangel and Miramar which can accommodate 100 players in one match.

A map of that size is not a monotonous map. Each area on the map has its own characteristics. Players can explore various areas enjoying the realistic details of each place.

How to get through the big gutter on Erangel PUBG Mobile

  how to get through the big sewer in Erangel
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The big ditch is an artificial water reservoir in the Erangel PUBG Mobile map. But this ditch does not contain the slightest water. The size of the ditch makes players fall into it and find it difficult to get up to the mainland again.

That’s because this ditch has steep sides so players can’t climb up easily. The way out for players when trapped in a sewer is to explore along the flow of the sewer and look for doors that lead to land.

In addition, the large size of the ditch sometimes makes players fall into it along with their vehicle. Therefore, many players avoid jumping over the ditch and choose to find a bridge to cross it.

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Even so, there is actually a way to get through the big ditch in Erangel PUBG Mobile, which is as follows.

Run the Vehicle at High Speed ​​to Be Able to Jump Over the Sewers

  how to get through the big sewer in Erangel

The way you can do to jump over the ditch is to run the vehicle at high speed. The vehicles here can be cars or motorbikes.

But before that you must first pay attention to where the location of the ditch is spread out on the Erangel map. One of them is in the Gatka area. There is a large and long ditch.

To find out where the sewers are, you can see them on the mini map when playing on Erangel. There is a long line marking the gutter.

Now when your vehicle leads to the line then you are approaching the ditch. Therefore, step on the gas immediately to make your vehicle speed increase.

With this high speed, the vehicle, whether car or motorcycle, that you are using will jump and fly through the big ditch. Jumping ditches on the Erangel map will save you time so you don’t have to go around the sewers to find bridges.

But you have to make sure that the speed of your vehicle is really fast. Otherwise, you will fail to jump over the ditch. Failure that will make you fall into the sewer hole and find it difficult to find your way up.

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