How to Get the Miss Baller Free Fire (FF) Bundle

How to Get the Miss Baller Free Fire (FF) Bundle, it’s easy and very good to change the appearance of your Girly character Bundle.

This is already included in the form of a special Bundle, although the Cowo version comes with other features and this does not.

There are various new events in the Free Fire game now, there are already many and they are definitely cool to try.

Of course, with something like this, maybe you yourself can take advantage of all of it quite well and can be obtained easily now.

Especially with the presence of the Free Fire x Street Fighter Collaboration Event, it has become one of the parts that you must try now.

Where from the event, there are lots of attractive prizes that you can use.

Especially by trying it yourself directly How to Get the Miss Baller Free Fire (FF) Bundle, it’s easy and fast for you to do.

This bundle, named Miss Baller, is one of the Dunk Master Bundle pairs currently available on Free Fire.

Of course, by having something like this, it might make the characters who use it can be cooler than before too.

The thing is for Miss Baller itself, it has a Pink color and also an attractive appearance that you can get now.

Especially from how to get it, it’s very easy for you to try right now.

Only with the use of FF Token Free Fire, then you can immediately have the opportunity to have this cool Miss Baller Bundle.

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But if you don’t like it, that’s okay, because many people are interested in this bundle when they already have a Dunk Master.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, immediately have the Bundle so that it can be used to make it look really cool.

How to Get Miss Baller Free Fire (FF) Bundle

  1. First, log in to this Free Fire game, make sure you are using the respective account that you want to include in the Miss Baller Bundle.
  2. Then just go to the Shop, select the one that says Redeem and also FF Token for the next process.
  3. After that, first scroll down to the bottom, to find the Bundle Package called Miss Baller free fire right now.
  4. If you have found the Bundle, then you can immediately buy it at a fairly cheap price, which is only 250 FF Tokens.
  5. Then when you buy this package, it can’t be received right away.
  6. First go to the Free Fire account Vault, then claim this bundle and only then can you get this cool bundle.
  7. Use it on the female character that you like, because this cool Bundle is very interesting to use in sporting events as well.

By trying this method, you can immediately get the Bundle.

Immediately, you try if you want to have it, while it is there and you can still claim it before it is deleted as well.

Because indeed with the presence of things like this, don’t forget how to get the Elder Bundle now, okay?

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Surely if you use it with friends who often get angry, things like this can be more harmonious and suitable than before too.

It just depends on you, whether you want a bundle like that or not, you can try it right now without any trouble.

After knowing How to Get the Miss Baller Free Fire (FF) Bundle, those of you who are curious can immediately try to have this Bundle too.

Surely that way your appearance will look attractive, if you already have a Bundle like that in the Free Fire account.

Not only that, if you want to have a Dunk Master, you have to know how to get a Free Magic Cube to exchange for the bundle.

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