How to Get the Latest Captain Bubble Free Fire (FF) Bundle

Originally posted on March 9, 2021 @ 8:11 AM

For the update presented by Garena today, it turns out that we also have a way to get the latest Captain Bubble Free Fire (FF) Bundle. This is one of the information that is quite useful for us to know.

So this is our second chance, so that we can have new gifts given to boxes or items in the Shop. One of them is the Bundle Captain bubble, which once came from a web event that required a lot of Diamonds.

The presence of many new things, cannot escape from the 2021 Super March Event, which we can complete the event mission right now. With this event, you will get lots of new prizes that are still related to Cobra as well.

Then don’t miss the information on How to Get the Latest Captain Bubble Free Fire (FF) Bundle which is quite interesting. Because you will be curious, to have the gift bundle for the future.

So at this time Garena Indonesia provides one of the new items in the Crate option. So, one of the Crates has the name Captain Bubbles. Where the contents provided from this Crate are Item Bundles from the previous Captain Bubbles theme.

We used to know that Bundle Captain Bubbles was obtained from a quite special web event. So you really have to use Diamond, so that later you can have this cool bundle when the event was present on the Indonesian server yesterday.

Well, for now, we can know again and there is a different way to get it. Therefore, maybe those of you who have wanted to have this Bundle since the beginning of its release, can test your luck with the latest method right now.

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How to Get the Latest Captain Bubble Free Fire (FF) Bundle

Here’s how to get the Captain Bubble Free Fire (FF) Bundle:

  1. Garena Free Fire has released a new item where the Crate part can get a FF Captain Bubble FF Bundle Set as a prize.
  2. If you want to get the box, you have to buy it at a price of 40 Diamonds to open it once. Look for the section called Crate in the Shop.
  3. Inside the box, the prizes that we can get are indeed full of interesting things. Because to get this Bundle Set too, it is not a package and can be obtained separately.
  4. Kabargokil suggest you can buy up to 10 boxes at once. So that the chance to get the main prize is bigger than we thought.
  5. Besides that, there are other prizes that we can get from this box, so if you are curious and want the bundle, just have it and buy it at a cheap price right now.

The presence of this bundle again in a Crate item, is indeed one of the interesting things for us to try again. Because what is given from this box too, it is quite good to bring big profits for the players now and can have this unique gift.

So what are you waiting for? let’s buy now the box captain bubble.

After knowing How to Get the Latest Captain Bubble Free Fire (FF) Bundle, players who couldn’t get the new bundle yesterday can now get the new bundle. You could even say that the price given is indeed much more economical.

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While you are opening it, you can try Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips now. So that later the opportunity to get the main prize in Crate or Spin, we will be able to get it in an easy way.

The Free Fire game every day always gives a lot of good information, so that the players can try it. Then, if you don’t want to miss all that, we just follow the news on Instagram so you can keep up to date with the new updates that this game provides.

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