How to Get the Free Fire Breakdance Bundle (FF)

You have to know how to get the Breakdance Free Fire (FF) Bundle, one of the bundles which of course is pretty cool for now. You even have to use his appearance, if you really want to be seen as a Cowo character who looks very epic.

Moreover, there are still some interesting materials and things that we can use, including for some new events in this Free Fire game. All of those present were quite good and you should try to join, even this prize will give you a lot of prizes.

Including you for the Moco Rebirth Free Fire Event Schedule, one of the new events that we can complete. Even from here you will have an opportunity, so that you can get one of the free bundles which of course is quite profitable for all of us.

Next, How to Get the Free Fire Breakdance Bundle (FF), is easy and you have to know so you can have the bundle. It will definitely give quite a lot of appearances, even some cool new things for us to use while playing.

How to Get the Free Fire Breakdance Bundle (FF)

2 Predictions that you can indeed get the Breakdance Bundle back, of course this is one of the cool things. But remember that one of them can mean that you have to prepare it right away from now on.

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Via Luck Royale Comeback

  1. It is possible that later this event will return again in the Free Fire game which allows you to have the prize.
  2. You must first enter the feature called Luck Royale now then you can immediately search for the Royale Section.
  3. Then after you find Royale giving the Breakdance bundle then spin if you really have Diamond.
  4. Now, you just have to wait until you continue to Spin and get the main prize of the Bundle.
  5. Because this is present in the Comeback feature, it means 1 Spin 50 Diamond and 10 Spin 500 Diamond which you have to prepare if you want.
  6. After getting the Bundle prize, you just have to think about whether you want to continue Spin or not.
  7. Then you can check in the Vault planting feature, so you can immediately get this bundle and show it to friends or enemies.

The way to get the Free Fire Breakdance Bundle is through the Magic Store

  1. Magic Store is one of the features that returns Bundle Royale for players to get back, but not all.
  2. Well, you might be able to find this Breakdance Bundle right away from the feature and we can find it in the shop to be precise.
  3. After entering, select the section called Redeem in the right corner of the Shop Menu and then select a Magic Cube Store category.
  4. Slowly, you scroll down to find this Breakdance Bundle.
  5. If you have found it, you can use 1 Magic Cube to get the bundle and use it too.
  6. Later the Bundle will be sent directly into the Vault and you can use it right away.
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In order to be able to get this Bundle, it is indeed ridiculous to have 2 Predictions, but to be more precise it is the Magic Shop. Because it will definitely appear in that section, so you should immediately have the bundle and use it when competing.

Surely the power to fight the enemy, will not be wasted because the chanting of the music will make the soul of Breakdance appear again. You can finish off the enemy in high speed, even the enemy will find it difficult when facing him directly.

After knowing How to Get the Free Fire Breakdance Bundle (FF), you will have one chance to win better. In fact, there are also several opportunities that must be completed, so that many still get this cool gift.

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