How to Get the Flying Heart Free Fire (FF) Bundle

You can try How to Get the Flying Heart Free Fire (FF) Bundle, this is one of the cool items that you can get quickly.

So make sure if you really want to have it, you just have to follow this method right now.

Maybe when it comes to appearance issues when competing, it has become something that the players must pay attention to.

So that they can still look cool, when facing many enemies without having to be afraid or lose their cool competitiveness with all of them.

Where one of them is you can know how to get the Elder Bundle on Free Fire, of course by using the Bundle you look cool.

Not only cool, but gives everyone an Elegant look to be ready for battle using this cool Style.

Then you also have to try How to Get the Flying Heart Free Fire (FF) Bundle, quite a free bundle that can be collected later.

Curious? Let’s see the explanation, in the article below, yes.

How to Get the Flying Heart Free Fire (FF) Bundle

The various cool items that we can get here are easy, that’s not all you can get because Flying Heart awaits all of you.

The latest update of items in the Free Fire game now, will indeed give you many interesting and paid prizes to get.

Because for now, the Flying Heart Bundle is indeed very easy when found by the players too.

Only by following some of the methods that are here, then you can immediately collect these items and use them when competing later.

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When the bundle is easy to get and don’t use this Diamond, you don’t want to get it at all?

Even though many people used to immediately look for this bundle, after a few days of release in the Free Fire game.

With a cool appearance like this, your female character will look cuter and much more beautiful and charming to look after.

  1. Enter the Free Fire game first, then later you will be in the Lobby display to select the Shop feature.
  2. After you have chosen this, you will immediately enter the section called Redeem in the Shop as well.
  3. If you have done this correctly, then you select FF Token again and look for the Bundle by scrolling slowly down.
  4. After finding this Flying Heart Bundle, you just choose it and buy it using the FF Token which is quite cheap.
  5. Only by spending 100 FF Tokens, then you can immediately get this latest Bundle Shirt and Skirt right now.
  6. Have the Bundle, because later in the next update this item will be subject to Rotation or change of items sold later.

So for how to get a Bundle like that, it’s fairly easy and you can try it right now.

If you really like a Bundle like that, just buy it and you don’t need to be confused about the FF Token problem later.

Because what we know for ourselves, the FF Token will appear and often be present if you complete missions and have twin items.

Not only that, from the Pink color which is clearly very attractive, you really have to get the Bundle.

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After you know how to get the Flying Heart Free Fire (FF) Bundle, are you interested in owning this item?

Of course, if you use it during a match, it will be even cooler and look completely different from other players now.

Especially for How to Get a Free Magic Cube on Free Fire, it’s fast and easy for players to get it right now.

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