How to Get the Candencia Treblerock Free Fire (FF) Bundle

To be steady, you have to know how to get the Candencia Treblerock Free Fire (FF) Bundle, a new Bundle that has an attractive appearance. So you may feel interested in trying it right now, especially to have the Bundle it’s easy.

There are so many events that are present in the Free Fire game now, not only that because players can still participate in all the events. Because of the prizes that you can get now, there are indeed many as well as some other additions that we can use.

Especially for the presence of the 4nniversary Free Fire Event Schedule, one of the most awaited Events and maybe you will like it. The latest event has lots of prizes and provides a variety of cool prizes, you can use them after you have them.

Especially for How to Get the Candencia Treblerock Free Fire (FF) Bundle, have this Bundle immediately and use it against enemies. It definitely gives great color and power to the player later.

Curious? we see the explanation in the article now.

How to Get Candlestick Treblerock Free Fire (FF) Bundle

  1. You must first login to the Free Fire game, in order to participate in getting the prize bundle.
  2. Then you select the Event Tab section and look for an Event title But 1 Get 2 Free Items right now.
  3. After you find the event section, just enter the event to immediately get this latest Candy Bundle.
  4. For the game system in this event is still the same as before, you must first buy a cheap item on the left side of the event screen this time.
  5. After you have purchased one of these items, you will immediately get a free gift on the right side at random.
  6. If you’re Hockey, of course, the main prize on the Right, we can immediately get the Cancencia Treblerock bundle.
  7. Prizes that you already have from this event will go directly into the Vault or Inventory on their respective player accounts.
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Getting this new Bundle called Candencia Treblerock Free Fire is really cool, of course you will also be interested in trying it. Because indeed the Bundle will change the appearance of Cewe’s character to be more beautiful, even this modern bundle.

Even from appearance alone, there are lots of accessories that you can get from the Bundle as well. Even the effect of Ruby from the back corner, does give a very deadly aura for the opponent to feel.

Having a white hair color, there are even a few other additions from this bundle for you to use immediately. If you really like the Bundle, you can just follow the method because you can definitely get it from the Buy 1 Get 2 event.

The bonus gift for buying this item, of course, you should be able to get too, so that later it will be cheaper and more profitable for all of us. You may be very interested in trying Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, so you can get this bundle more easily.

Just try the tips, maybe you will immediately have the latest bundle without having to spend a lot of money later. Moreover, the prices of all items on the left are also cheap, if you don’t get it in one spin, you don’t have to worry about DMs later.

When you already know How to Get the Candencia Treblerock Free Fire (FF) Bundle, then now is the time to have it all. While it’s still a birthday theme, this skin could be what we’re waiting for for the female character.

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Moreover, yesterday there was a way to get the Amplified Bassrock Free Fire (FF) Bundle, one of the interesting bundles that we can use too. Surely this cool Bundle will give a pretty interesting impression for your Cowo character.

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