How to Get Swagger Free Fire (FF) Sauce Bundle

This time there is a way to get the Swagger Free Fire (FF) Sauce Bundle, this is a bundle that will be released in Indonesia. Of course it’s not going to make for such a bad gift, because this Bundle will be coming soon and how to get it will appear for you to know.

There are many new items updated to the Indonesian server, although there are still many but some have started to appear slowly as well. Of course you will have some good opportunities, so as not to miss the opportunity of this event which is much better.

Participating in the most recent Moco Rebith Free Fire Event, even on that schedule you can clearly see the new event. There must be lots of cool prizes and some interesting things for us to use, when playing and trying out all the missions.

Especially for the How to Get Swagger Free Fire (FF) Sauce Bundle section, you might be excited about this event. Because to get the bundle, there are several ways that you might have to go through before you can have it.

How to Get Swagger Free Fire (FF) Sauce Bundle

How to Get Swagger Free Fire (FF) Sauce Bundle

Through Ordinary Events

  1. There is a possibility that this Bundle will appear in regular events, because in September there are many prizes that we can have.
  2. So to make sure you are present or not, let’s check directly on the Event Tab on the right.
  3. Look for the Mission that rewards the Bundle Sauce Swagger until you find it.
  4. If there is, you can immediately complete the mission that you can do first.
  5. After that, let’s just have the prize and definitely use the bundle to compete against the enemy.
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Via the Web Event Hacker Store

  1. It’s been a long time since this event hasn’t appeared again and maybe the Bundle Sauce Swagger will appear at this event as well.
  2. Those of you who want to get the Bundle must be ready to spin using Diamond.
  3. When you enter the Web event, first select the Prize you want to enter into the Spin and select this new Bundle.
  4. After doing so, you can immediately accept and enter the Spin section.
  5. Then you have to use 9 Diamonds in the initial Spin, then the price will start to rise as the prizes we get.
  6. If you are hockey, you can immediately get a bundle through 1 Spin only.
  7. This bundle will be sent directly to your Free Fire account Vault.

The way to get the Swagger Free Fire Sauce Bundle is through Luck Royale

  1. It is possible that this bundle will be present at an event called Luck Royale.
  2. There is also a possibility that later it will enter the Faded Wheel.
  3. You select and immediately delete 2 prizes that do not want to attend or enter.
  4. Direct Spin using Diamond to get the prize.
  5. It is possible to get the main prize of this Bundle on the first 1 Spin.
  6. Prizes will go directly into the Vault Feature of your own account.

Some of these methods will indeed appear on the Indonesian server, but we also have to be patient, you guys might get even more exciting results. Of course, the presence of a new Bundle like this, will change the appearance of players when competing later.

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They will look like cool and handsome guys, because they wear bundles in the style of famous rap or beatbox people. How? let’s just have the skin.

After knowing how to get the Swagger Free Fire (FF) Sauce Bundle, come on, those of you who like the bundle, get it right away when it’s released. Surely the Cowo character will be cooler and more interesting, if you use one of the cool bundles or skins in this game too.

Use the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, so that the chance to get this grand prize is even greater. In fact, you will like to try it right away, even feel some other prizes which are of course interesting.

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