How to Get Statue Street Fighter Free Fire (FF)

This is how to get the Street Fighter Free Fire (FF) Statue, of course, things like that will make all of you like it.

Because you definitely won’t want to, skip the cool gifts like this and use them later.

There are still many new things that are presented in the current Free Fire game, for you to complete the mission of the latest event.

Moreover, try all the new features that are presented in this game, to make all of you more enthusiastic about playing Free Fire.

Because with the presence of the Leaked Street Fighter Free Fire (FF) Statue, surely many will want to own it and use it later.

From here we will also see that the leak of the statue will make you get a lot of prizes too.

Especially for How to Get a Street Fighter Free Fire (FF) Statue, from here you have to have the statue.

How to Get Statue Street Fighter Free Fire (FF)

Items such as the Statue in Free Fire are indeed one of the best parts to be used properly by the players.

Because now we can know that Statue from the Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration has indeed leaked well.

Moreover, with the presence of the Street Fighter Statue, you will later be able to become a Sultan if you get hockey again.

because there are Tips to Get Unlimited Diamonds on Free Fire, if you take advantage of features like that right now.

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Now to get a Statue like this, it will come in several ways that you might try later.

It’s just that there is no more precise explanation, but we are following several events that were already present as well.

All of these have indeed appeared on Statues before, so you guys should know all about Items like this too, right.

Via Web Events

Soon we will indeed have additional events from the Latest Free Fighter Web Event, so the more will certainly be even better.

However, when it comes to the Web Event, there is usually a Skin Statue prize that you can get here.

  1. Enter the second Web Event at the Free Fire x Street Fighter Collaboration Event.
  2. Then after you have entered this Web event, there is a mission and how to play the event so that you can get the prize.
  3. After completing the mission, it will be easier for you to get the prizes presented.
  4. If there is indeed a Skin Statue, then you can get it right away in this latest event as well.

Through Purchase From Shop

  1. The Skin Statue, which is presented in this Free Fire game, can indeed be present at the Shop.
  2. You just have to open the Shop, select the section called Items.
  3. Here you can use Diamond to get the Statue, at a very cheap price.
  4. Later you only need to issue a total of 10 Diamonds or 20 Diamonds, so you should be able to take advantage of all of this.
  5. After you buy the Statue, then you can just check it in the Vault.
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All of these ways can indeed happen, therefore you must be prepared to have a Statue like that too.

After you know how to get the Street Fighter Free Fire (FF) Statue, you really have to try this now if you want to have this item.

By taking advantage of the Statue that you have now, of course you can get some other additions for the Diamond problem.

Because we can know Tips for Getting Diamond Spawn Island Free Fire, to be able to use it to have big profits.

Especially with the presence of events like this, players will have many advantages and great prizes.

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