How to Get Sonictroop Bassrock Free Fire (FF) Bundle

This is how to get the Sonictroop Bassrock Free Fire (FF) Bundle, which is a special gift that will be present at a new event now. Maybe you are also interested in having this bundle, and use it on the characters that we often carry.

There are lots of interesting events and also the latest updates, yesterday we also had a lot of good potential to win better. Because there are various new features that you might have to try, when following a series of patches right now.

Moreover, for the presence of the 4niversary Free Fire Event Schedule as well, it does provide lots of the latest free and cool prizes. We must take advantage of all of these things immediately, so that nothing is missed by the current player.

Then there is a How to Get Sonictroop Bassrock Free Fire (FF) Bundle, a gift item that you might like right now.

How to Get Sonictroop Bassrock Free Fire (FF) Bundle

  1. This Sonictroop Bassrock Free Fire (FF) Bundle Event will be coming soon to the Free Fire Indonesia game, at the upcoming Web Event called Mystery Crate.
  2. You just need to log in to this game first, after doing so you can select the Event tab on the right which looks like a calendar.
  3. Then after you have completed this section, it is time for you to first search the Web that we have mentioned before.
  4. Go in and take a look at the beginning of this event right now, so you can immediately join the event to open the Mystery Crate Free Fire.
  5. There are many prizes that we can get, but the main prize is the Sonictroop Bassrock Free Fire Bundle.
  6. If you want to get this Bundle, first fill in the right percentage how much the prize will be.
  7. You will get an initial number of 10% – 100%, the price for opening one pays depends on the total percent you spend.
  8. If you install a 50% percentage, you pay 300 Diamonds, but if you install it 100%, you can get the main prize directly for 600 Dm.
  9. Furthermore, you will not be able to get the main prize of the new Sonictroop Bundle, because there are still 4 prizes that we can get.
  10. If you use Hockey, you can use 10%, or only 6 DM, but you can get the main Sonictroop bundle prize now.
  11. The gift bundle will go directly into the Vault, you can immediately use it to compete.

After knowing how to get this new Bundle, maybe you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Because the prizes that we can get too, are indeed very large and very large.

Surely you will have a good opportunity, so you can participate in having this grand prize. Moreover, yesterday there was also a way to get the Amplified Bassrock Free Fire Bundle, if this one is also available for free.

What do you think about the new event that gives a cool bundle at this time? of course it is interesting and cool enough for you to use later. Maybe if Hockey can immediately get the main prize without having to spend a lot of money, we’ll just try it after the event is released.

Make sure to also use Hockey Tips for Opening Crate Free Fire, so that the opportunities are even greater.

After you know how to get the Sonictroop Bassrock Free Fire (FF) Bundle, have the Bundle right away for you to use later. Surely if my appearance is not too bad, maybe all these players will be happy and interested in it.

Maybe you are also interested in trying Free Fire Top Up Tips, so that the opportunity to become a sultan is more open. Those of you who already know how to do it, maybe you can just buy anything.

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