How to Get Skin Moon Goddess Miya Mobile Legends (ML)

Soon Mobile Legends will have its 5th anniversary. For those who don’t know there will be a special skin and of course how to get this Moon Goddess Miya Mobile Legends (ML) skin there will be many who are curious.

This skin is very special because it is considered that it will not appear again apart from the Mobile Legends birthday event. Of course, it would be a shame if you missed this cool event.

For the 5th anniversary of Mobile Legends, there are lots of events and benefits that you can get. In addition to the special skn for Miya, of course there are some prizes that have not been announced by Mobile Legends.

So for those of you who are curious about this birthday event, of course, don’t miss it. In addition to events and skins, apparently this fifth anniversary is seen as a big step for Mobile Legends Project Next.

How to Get Skin Moon Goddess Miya Mobile Legends (ML)

With Mobile Legends that will be 5 years old, of course there will be many exciting things waiting for their players. This refreshing content is ready for you to taste when the event starts running in the future.

Not only interesting events and several other freebies, of course, the fifth anniversary of Mobile Legends will feel special. Because there will be a lot of exciting content such as the Moon Goddess Miya skin that you can get.

In addition to these skins, there is also a new hero Floryn who will land in the Land of Dawn. This hero has been discussed several times and of course it can be one of the most exciting heroes for you to play as a mid laner support.

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But unfortunately from the Mobile Legends side it has not been explained about how to get the Moon Goddess Miya skin. But from some leaks, this skin will be a free skin which you can get by completing missions from the event.

Actually, from the anniversary of Mobile Legends, this is not the most interesting skin or hero. The reason is that Mobile Legends has mentioned Project Next several times on the anniversary which we might be able to look at further.

If Mobile Legends decides to start a new age with Project Next, maybe this is the right time. We can expect to see some new updates coming soon.

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