How to get Shiba Fighter in Free Fire x Street Fighter

It turns out that how to get Shiba Fighter in Free Fire x Street Fighter is indeed very easy for you to try.

That way later the rare Skin that will be present on the Pet, you can immediately get it without having to wait for more time.

Because of the appearance that is present on the Pet Skin as well, it can indeed be used quite well by the players later.

Of all that, too, will support and be able to take advantage of the battle situation is not as difficult as we would imagine too huh.

Moreover, from the emergence of the Free Fire x Street Fighter Collaboration, there are indeed many interesting events that you must complete.

The mission of the event, too, is indeed quite interesting to play.

Especially for the section on How to Get Shiba Fighter in Free Fire x Street Fighter, maybe that way you will benefit.

Are you really curious about how to get a Shiba Fighter? We’ll see below.

How to get Shiba Fighter in Free Fire x Street Fighter

For the events that are presented in the current Free Fire game, they still have a Fighter theme which of course should not be missed.

That’s why you also have to know, if there is a way to get the latest Skin from Pet Shiba Fighter who is present in the new event.

Where do we know now that Pet Shiba Fighter is also one of the special Skins that will only be present at certain events.

That way you probably won’t want to miss something like this, because the prizes given are indeed quite interesting to try.

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Moreover, yesterday we knew that there was a Shiba Fighter Free Fire Pet Skin Leak, where now is the time for us to know how to get it.

Maybe with the information this time, you will know immediately and won’t want to miss it because Free Skins are like that too.

It is true that the Missions that are present on the Pet Skin, are indeed the easiest and you can complete at the beginning of the event.

  1. First enter the Free Fire game, then select the section called the Free Fire Events Tab.
  2. After that you will be directed to the Collaboration Event, where here you will get lots of prizes and you choose Fighter Shiba.
  3. There will be a mission stamp that you must complete, as well as the date of the mission event to be completed with all of you.
  4. This Shiba Fighter event will take place from July 3 to 4, you can finish it quickly on the same day.
  5. The mission that will be given is to play 120 minutes, which is the right time to get this Shiba Fighter Pet Skin.
  6. But you will also receive other prizes, where for 2 hours of playing there will be additional prizes too.
  7. After the mission has been completed, then you can immediately accept the gifts that are in the event.
  8. Just put on the Shiba Pet, use this new Pet Skin.

By knowing how to get event prizes like that, there are many other interesting prizes for you to get later as well.

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Because everything that is presented in this event update is really cool and interesting for you to get later.

After knowing How to Get Shiba Fighter in Free Fire x Street Fighter, then those of you who are curious can immediately solve it.

How? Maybe with a Pet like this it will make the players’ strength even more smoldering because of a strong Fighter or fighter.

Especially we ourselves know that Shiba is one of the 12 Best Pets for Free Fire, so it’s not surprising to get this cool Skin.

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