How to Get Riot Academy Free Fire (FF) Surfboard

You have to know how to get the Riot Academy Free Fire (FF) Surfboard, of course with this skin you will be confident.

Because it is one of the Surfboard Skins given by Garena, at one of the special events in 2021.

Of course you might be interested too, to get this Skin and use it when competing and be the first.

That’s why you also have to be able to take advantage of the situation, to be able to take part in the events that are present in this game.

What’s more, we also know how to get the Street Fighter Free Fire Surfboard Skin, it’s even free and will be a Limited event.

But different from other items, of course you can still get it from the Shop.

Because for How to Get Riot Academy Free Fire (FF) Surfboard, you have the opportunity to get it the easy way.

Curious how? Let’s see the explanation in this article.

How to Get Riot Academy Free Fire (FF) Surfboard

The surfboard that is present in this game has various types of new skins, especially for Riot Academy which is very cool now.

Of course by using the Skin, you will become more confident again to defeat all enemies easily later.

Maybe you also don’t want to have this Skin called Riot, not only that, the way to get it is very easy to try.

By following the current method, maybe you will become interested in wearing it later when you get off the plane, yes.

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Especially with the presence of a Surfboard Skin like this, you will indeed become more confident than before.

Because it’s a skin, it’s very interesting to try or use when playing.

It’s only up to you to decide whether you want to have it or not, moreover this is a Skin with interesting Riot Academy effects and motifs.

Therefore, those of you who want to be able to immediately know how to get it right now.

  1. You can enter the Free Fire game first, to be able to have the Skin from the Surfboard.
  2. After entering this game, just select the features section of the Shop.
  3. In the given category there is a collection called, now you will select that section to get this Surfboard Skin.
  4. Look for an image or icon from Surfboard Free Fire, then press it and this will bring up a list of all the Skins that you can get.
  5. When you find the skin, you can immediately buy it at a very cheap price.
  6. You only need to spend up to 300 Diamonds, then this skin can be purchased and you receive it.
  7. To check whether the skin has been entered or not, you can go directly to the Collection and Surfboard sections.

By using a skin like this, you will definitely be cooler and more confident when you get off the plane too.

Having a cool appearance like this, will indeed make us more confident in dealing with enemies, yes.

Because what is presented in the Free Fire game, there are also lots of interesting prizes that can be put to good use.

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In addition to this Surfboard Skin, you can still have the opportunity to get other cool Skins.

After knowing how to get the Riot Academy Free Fire (FF) Surfboard, then you can immediately use it and use it now.

Because it gives a cool appearance when competing, it’s not Skin that must be seeded but your playing skills later.

Especially for the Best Free Fire Landing Tips right now, that way players will have an easier chance to get off the plane.

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