How to Get Rare Seeds in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

In the game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature there are various types of plants and plants that can be planted in your garden. You can buy vegetable or fruit seeds at Supermarkets or Won sellers. However, there are some rare seeds that you can’t get easily.

These rare seeds are strawberry, spinach, pumpkin, and moondrop. Just like how to get legendary fish in HM BTN, for each rare seed you have to do it so that the seeds are available in the Supermarket.

Personally, I’m not saying it’s MANDATORY to get rare seeds, but if you want to get a complete recipe of course there are ingredients needed to make food from these rare seeds. For example, you want to make Pumpkin Pudding, the main ingredient of course you need is pumpkin.

Well, for those of you who are curious and can’t wait to find out what are the requirements to get rare seeds in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, let’s read this article to the end.

How to Get Strawberry, Spinach, Pumpkin and Moondrop Seeds

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1. Strawberry Seeds

To get strawberry seeds you have to sell 100 fruits from the harvest in the spring.

For example, you grow potatoes, cucumbers, radishes or cabbage. Well, if it has been harvested, then you sell it into the bin beside your garden.

To find out how many fruits or vegetables you have sold this spring, look at the start menu and then go to Amount Shipped.

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After this requirement is passed, then the next day please check your home mailbox then there will be a letter from the Supermarket that the strawberry seeds are already available there.

2. Spinach Seeds

To get your own spinach seeds is actually quite easy. You only need to buy eggplant seeds, corn, tomatoes, and pineapples.

Then plant it in the fall, wait for it to bear fruit until it is ready to harvest. The next step is that you just sell it and you will get a notification that the spinach seeds are available.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Just like before, the conditions require you to plant and sell your garden crops.

But what makes the difference is that the fruit or vegetables that are sold must be harvested in the summer season, quite easy right?

4. Moondrop Seeds

Well, if the three seeds above have a condition to sell the harvest in each season. But for this Moondrop flower seed you have to make Karen’s heart blue and be good friends with her.

The trick is quite easy, give Karen her favorite item. You can give him flowers every day and talk to him often.

If these conditions are met, then in the spring he will come to your garden to give Moondrop flower seeds.

Plant the seeds in your garden, if they grow and bloom then Karen will come to say thank you for taking care of the seeds she gave.

That way the seeds will be available at the Won seller automatically.

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So, those are tips for getting rare seeds in the game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (HM BTN). The conditions are not difficult, you only need to plant and sell your crops in the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

We congratulate those of you who managed to get strawberry, spinach, pumpkin, and moondrop seeds in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Wait for the next update, and for those of you who are new to playing Harvest Moon, don’t forget to also read our article about the Harvest Moon Back to Nature Guidebook.

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