How to Get Permanent Buggy Skins & Free UC From PUBG Mobile

Want to get a free Buggy skin and hundreds of free UC directly from the official PUBG Mobile Indonesia? If you want to get it, take a good look at this article.

PUBG Mobile recently held a giveaway to its loyal players where there will be Buggy and UC skins as prizes prepared by Tencent.

How to get these 2 prizes is very easy, it doesn’t even take much effort to win this giveaway given by PUBG Mobile ID.

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Free Buggy Skins & UC PUBG Mobile

The requirements that you must fulfill if you want to win this giveaway are to subscribe to the PUBG Mobile Indonesia youtube channel.

But not only you who have to subscribe to the PUBG Mobile ID youtube channel but you have to make sure your teammates also subscribe.

Later, if PUBG Mobile Indonesia’s youtube subscribers have reached 2 million on July 25, 2021, there will be 10 lucky people who will get a Buggy Skin.

And another 100 Lucky Winners will get 100 UC for free from PUBG Mobile at random.

Additional missions, if subscribers have reached 2 million subscribers before July 25, 2021, the prize can be increased if there are additional 10,000 Subscribers on July 25, 2021.

Interesting right? Hurry up, what are you waiting for, invite your friends and you yourself have to subscribe to the PUBG Mobile Indonesia youtube channel!

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